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Hello World!

Welcome fellow dentists (and non-dentists) to a website dedicated to helping you get educated about investing for your retirement in a way that is unique and developed by your host.  I invite you to join a Webinar being hosted on November 16th, 2016 at to understand more about this unique twist on “Buy & Hold” that is designed to help you avoid being invested in the stock market when conditions are similar to when significantly poor market performance (aka, losing a lot of money) has happened in the past.  Past results are not indicative of future performance, but when certain conditions were present in the past, bad things happened and avoiding them would have significantly improved your “Buy & Hold” strategy performance.

My goal is to educate you and provide specific information as to when those same market conditions are present.  This method of timing the market will not pick the top or pick the bottom of a large move, but will alert you when the conditions are correct to be invested and when it is likely best to avoid investing in the US stock market.

Yes, my plan is for this site to have premium content that is limited to a monthly blog post and e-mail expressing if the specific condition the market is currently in: BUY, ON ALERT, or SELL.  Each condition has specific actions associated with it that will be explained when that condition occurs.  The plan is to have an annual membership fee of $199.  If you have a six-figure retirement portfolio invested in the stock market, finding a way to save 25, 40, or even 75% by not being invested in the market the next time it wants to decline precipitously, $199 is a real bargain.

This is not day trading, stock picking, or anything exotic…just a simple filter to help your long term Buy & Hold strategy that most use for long term investing and it only takes 60 minutes per year to execute yourself or 6 minutes per year to read the e-mail alert sent to you as part of the premium membership.  Do you have 6 minutes per year to find a way to save thousands, tens of thousands, or perhaps millions by avoiding the next market plunge like 2008?!?

This blog will also have content intended to help you become a smarter investor, even if you don’t subscribe the premium alert service so please bookmark this URL and come visit once a week or so.  I hope to educate you a little bit on something that I am very enthusiastic about!  Welcome and Hello World!