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October ends, Market Alert signal still on BUY

The Market Alert Line closed October 2016 at SPY 208.18 and is RISING.  Price on the SPY closed at 212.55.  Therefore, the Market Alert system is still on a BUY signal.

As mentioned in an earlier post, if the price of SPY should drop below 208.18, it would be a good time to “buy the dip” as defined in the investment system.  The further below that level it is, the better a potential investment becomes in the month of November only until a new Market Alert signal is generated at the end of the month.

Obviously the 2016 Election and the potential for a rate hike by the FOMC in December are catalysts for a move to the downside in the US Stock Market.  Price peaked in August at 219.60 and has been steadily losing steam for over 2 months.

If you took the last confirmed Market Alert BUY signal in April 2016 below SPY 207, you should still have profits from that entry.  Hopefully you have raised some cash or have been dollar cost averaging into the market since April and are ready to deploy it when opportunity comes calling.

Remember the Mentor-only webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th at 8 pm EST, and 5 pm PST.  I’m quite sure invitations will be hitting your mailboxes soon and you will not want to miss the webinar to understand how the Market Alert Line works and what to do with it.

This will very likely be the last PUBLIC post of the Market Alert specifics to protect those who choose to subscribe to the content of this website.  There will continue to be public posts of a general nature, but not specifics of the system itself.