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That was exciting (US Election price action)

As a long term investor, the overnight price action in the futures markets likely wasn’t on your radar.  However, for most professional traders, seeing them down 5% before rebounding completely (and then some, back to all time highs) was a Pepto-Bismol moment.  Traded well, a pro could have made enough to buy a very nice sports car as a single round trip of down 100 and then up 100 points on the E-mini futures was worth $10,000 per contract.  Millions of dollars changed hands that evening with the violent swings created by the uncertainty of a Donald Trump presidency.

As a long term investor however, the stock market didn’t really even blip for you!  Staying invested as the Market Alert Line indicated kept you in the clear and has allowed you to enjoy the ride back up to all time highs!  Congratulations!

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