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CCM Video repost – Dr. J's Market Thoughts Press "Enter" to skip to content

CCM Video repost

As always, I’m suggesting everyone watch this video to see what happens AFTER a plunge like we just had that ended on 12/24/18. The video says it far better than I ever could and he has all the charts included to show the comparisons.

On a personal note…I was doing some checking and pertinent comparisons on my personal investing performance and found the following numbers through the end of 12/29 trading. My trading IRA lost 1.2% in 2018. A professionally managed IRA lost 12% and if you did nothing but BUY & HOLD all your money in SPY, collected the dividends, you’d be down 5.3%. Since professionals lost 12%, buy and hold lost 5.3%, and I only lost 1.2%…I feel pretty good about adding value. I’ll keep that extra 10% in my account, thank you Mr. Money Manager that prefers to stay invested no matter what. If that account has a million dollars in it, that’s $100k saved. 🙂