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A 10 Cuba Mac Download

A-10 Cuba!

Publisher: Activision
A 10 Cuba Mac Download
Category: 1st Person , 1st Person , Action , Flight Simulation , Flight Simulation , Significant

A 10 Cuba Mac Download Version

Maverik 2015-02-13 1 point Mac version. The original A10 was Mac only although this one (Cuba) was released through Activision as a Win PC game. Search around the web / forums and you will probably get a free download now. Download Vassal. Download Vassal, the free, open-source boardgame engine.Vassal runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and any other system which has a Java JRE. Find your operating system below for instructions for downloading and installing Vassal.

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A 10 Cuba Download

From Wikipedia:

A-10 Cuba! was the long-awaited sequel to the original A-10 Attack! flight simulator. A-10 Cuba! had the same impressive flight model as its predecessor, except the graphics had become significantly more detailed and thus required a computer with a bit more power. Graphical and other improvements included tire smoke when landing or skidding, runway taxi-way lighting, the Air Combat Command insignia on most U.S. aircraft, increased number of polygons (making objects appear much more round than they appeared in A-10 Attack!), and weapon damage was significantly upgraded (increased realism) and ground vehicle physics were more realistic. However, the Windows version lacked the comprehensive mission editor and map view available in both the Macintosh version and in A-10 Attack!.

A-10 Cuba! has four practice levels, Take off, Landing, Air to Ground, and Air to Air. Each training level takes place in the desert area of the game.

The most unusual thing about this game comes from its prequels. The weapons systems are very well-simulated, and include heat-seeking, radar and laser-guided missiles and bombs (only laser-guided bombs). Chaff and Flares are also included, as well as engine fire extinguishers, many features of an actual A-10.

Download A-10 Cuba! for Mac

a10_cuba.sit(7.61 MiB / 7.98 MB)
A/10 Cuba / compressed w/ Stuffit
552 / 2014-04-14 / 2017-07-24 / 7c33797ffce3f610e67e861a2ceb561195e2db9d / /

68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5 up to Mac OS 9.2

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

About This File

A-10 Cuba! 1.2 updater for the Mac OS version of A-10 Cuba!.

This file was originally downloaded from The Patches Scrolls.

The original BinHex HQX file has been attached inside a ZIP archive.

What's New in Version v1.2 Updater

A 10 Cuba Mac Download Windows 10


A 10 Cuba Demo

  • New Features in A-10 Cuba! v1.2
  • New armament in network missions (AGM-65Ex2, Mk82LGBx2, AIM9Lx8).
  • Network taunting. Press <SHIFT> + <Fn> (where n is 1-8).
  • New preference to turn off Interface Music.
  • Cuba Missions can be run through A-10 Attack! v1.5 interface.
  • Demo missions can be run through A-10 Attack! v1.5 interface.
  • Fixes in A-10 Cuba! v1.2
  • Win/Lose conditions fixed on some Cuba missions.
  • Database fixed to allow inactive AA guns to fire in Air Strike.
  • Modifications in A-10 Cuba! v1.2
  • Memory requirements raised: Suggested - 10000k, Minimum - 8000k, Preferred - 10000k
  • Updated Sounds: Interface Music (volume lowered), Win/Lose (removed voice over)