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I am a market enthusiast, dentist and day trader.  However, I found that many of my friends are confused about the stock market.  I felt that providing a framework on which to make the simple decision of being “in” or “out” of the market would be helpful to “Buy & Hold” or “Mom and Pop” Investors that do not wish to watch the stock market daily, but rather have a fundamental, rules-based strategy to guide their long term investments.  Since this is a proprietary strategy, I apologize for having to use membership as a hurdle for access, but I wish to keep the strategy as private as possible while still sharing it with those truly interested in the content.

The strategy has three “Market Alert” conditions:  BUY, ON ALERT, or SELL.  Knowing which one of these conditions currently applies in the stock market will drive your investment philosophy for management of long term investments such as 401(k), IRA, or college fund investments.  It will not pick the exact top, nor the exact bottom of the market.

For more information or to contact the site’s owner, please use info(at)dentistmarketalert.com.

At this time, we are NO LONGER SELLING subscriptions.  If you are a legacy member, you still have a valid account.  If you wish to obtain an account, please e-mail the above address and we can discuss pricing and what comes with a membership.


  1. Michael
    Michael January 27, 2017

    Hello Dr J,
    I’m looking forward to an educational journey to long term success in the market. I’ve made many mistakes in the past and look to learn from those and with your system and SPY I believe I’ve found a mechanism for success.

    Thanks Ernie,

    Mike Bailey

    • Dr. J
      Dr. J January 28, 2017

      My pleasure. If you’d like more info on direction or strategy, feel free to e-mail info@dentistmarketalert.com any time or post a comment here on a private blog post (that keeps it out of the public domain, search engines, etc…) for all to learn from as well. Happy to help and wish you great results from your investing using this guidepost to keep you on the right side of the trade. Let’s get you up and running!

      As a reminder to all, the next Market Alert Signal will be coming out next week a the end of January. Don’t forget to allow “alert@dentistmarketalert.com” to get through your spam firewall as well as “info@dentistmarketalert.com.” If you haven’t received an e-mail by Saturday morning, please let me know, but I have every intention of getting the blog post and e-mail sent out before then. Currently on a BUY/RISING signal and unless the market falls completely apart before Wednesday’s close, it sure looks like we will be on BUY/RISING signal at the end of January.

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