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Akamai Netsession Interface Mac Download

How does Akamai NetSession Interface Work? Akamai NetSession Interface operates not merely as a download manager reducing download time and increasing quality (delivering content from the web to the user’s computer) but as a peer-to-peer server, delivering content cached on the user’s computer to other users’ computers. Step 2: Uninstall and reinstall the Dell Download Manager To uninstall the Dell Download Manager. Open the Start menu by clicking the Start button in your taskbar. Click Control Panel. Click Programs and Features. On the programs list, double-click Akamai NetSession Interface. Click Uninstall. A dialog box should appear to indicate that the.

Oct 28, 2017.

Selecting the 'Download Now' option on this website installs and launches the Autodesk® Download Manager (DLM), which provides the fastest way to access Autodesk products online, and gives users control of the download experience. DLM is significantly more efficient and reliable than conventional browser-based download methods.

DLM reduces the time it takes to get applications up and running by decompressing product files in parallel during the download. Doing this eliminates the separate file extraction step that is usually required after the download completes and before running the product installer. Autodesk DLM also leverages advanced compression and packaging technology to create smaller electronic product images.

Akamai NetSession Interface

The first time it runs, Autodesk DLM installs the Akamai® NetSession Interface, which accelerates the speed of the download from the Akamai Edge server network. NetSession also ensures that any possible errors during the session are detected and automatically fixed. DLM and NetSession do not contain adware or spyware, and do not collect or distribute any personal information. For more information about Akamai NetSession, click here.

DLM tracks the progress of each download request, and displays the status in a user interface that is easy to understand.

Up to three products can download concurrently, and you can add more products to the queue for later downloading. While products download, you can continue working at other tasks on your computer. Depending on your system, some tasks may take longer while products are downloading.

Akamai Netsession Interface Jeep

Products are not automatically installed on your computer after downloading. Instead, you can choose when to launch the installer to install products or create a deployment. On each completed download, you will see an Install button for each installable product, or an Open button for other file types.

Installed DLM Files

Akamai Netsession Interface Mac Download Cnet


After your first download, DLM remains ready to use when you download more Autodesk products. The DLM files occupy about 14 MB on your computer. In addition to the protocol handler and Akamai NetSession Interface, a small configuration file, is installed. If ever you want to remove these files, complete instructions are provided here.

Mac Client Related Information

With the release of the LOTRO Mac Client (Beta Version) there are many overlapping areas of information between First time users and on-going activities. The information is split to improve readability.

  • Problem resolution information!Mac Client Communications notes - Port Forwarding, UDP and other notes
  • Problem resolution information!General Trouble Shooting Techniques
  • File Locations - Where files reside and where you need to put things like Plugins, Skins and Music files.
  • Messages - Screenshots of various messages generated by the Mac Client and an attempt to intuit their meanings and explain them.
  • Known Issues -- A compilation of known problems with the Mac client.
  • Gatekeeper Information -- Screenshots of Apple's Gatekeeper control panels and instructions.
  • Steam Installation - Steam Installation notes
  • Happy Cloud Installation - a description of the Happy Cloud Installer obsolete

Akamai NetSession Client

On about 26 February, 2014, various cyber security firms warned that PMB had been hijacked to download the 'Pony Virus.'
Shortly thereafter, Turbine eliminated the downloads of both the PC and Mac Clients for both the Live-game and Bullroarer.

Akamai Netsession Interface Mac Download Software

  • On approximately 10 March, 2014 -- for Update 21, DDO began using's NetSession Client to provide download for the DDO Client.

LOTRO Akamai Client Implementation

  • Update 13 Release notes: (14 April 2014)
Akamai Netsession
With today’s release of Update 13: The Breaking of Isengard, we have introduced a replacement for our Pando-enabled client and downloader. We now use a non-peer-to-peer version of the Akamai NetSession client for the LOTRO launcher, and wanted to update you on how we plan to utilize this service in the future.
The Akamai NetSession client allows us to quickly and reliably deliver fresh LOTRO client installations to you, and assist in the repair of missing or corrupted files in current game installations. The client utilizes Akamai’s large network of edge servers to deliver this content to you from a location which is deemed geographically closest to you, and ensures that we are able to efficiently and effectively get you what you need to play LOTRO.
Although some versions of the Akamai NetSession client used by other software providers utilize Peer-to-Peer technology, we have decided not to use P2P for LOTRO. What this means is that Akamai NetSession will NOT use peer-to-peer when delivering LOTRO-related content.
Once you install the LOTRO client, or patch your game to Update 13, it will be possible to uninstall Akamai NetSession from your computer, and NetSession will not reinstall unless it is necessary to deliver a deleted file or a fresh installation. Typical game updates will not require the use of Akamai NetSession.
In reality, the Mac Client download uses the Happy Cloud system, which grabs its data from Akamai.

LOTRO Installation Notes

  1. File downloaded: LOTRO_MAC_4.46.pgk -- this is the Happy Cloud installer, not Akamai, but uses the Akamai network for data transfer
  2. Double-clicking on the .pkg file Requires Gatekeeper access
    1. Open System Prefrerences
    2. Open Security & Pricacy
    3. Note the message: 'LOTRO_MAC_4.46.pkg' was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer
    4. Click 'Open Anyway'
    5. installation will begin
  3. at this point, you can select a destination disk driver for the 20.3 MB install.
  • See Mac Client Happy Cloud Installation for further details on the Happy Cloud.

Akamai Netsession Interface Download Mac

DDO - Turbine's first implementation

  • Note: these comments do not apply to the LOTRO Mac Client
Posted by Cordovan:
Known Issue: Mac Client Update (March 10th, 2014)
Players attempting to update their Mac DDO clients to Update 21 are encountering errors. The following workaround will allow our Mac users to update their game clients:
1) Close the Mac DDO Launcher when it gives the error that it can’t install Akamai Netsession.
2) Navigate to the folder the Akamai Netsession Installer downloads to: ~Applications/Akamai
This can be done by following these instructions:
a) Right-click or control click on the Finder icon and select “Go to folder”
b) In the box that pops up: type ~/Applications/akamai/
c) The netsession_installer.dmg will be in this folder. Double click on it, and it will open a new folder that has the Akamai Netsession Interface.pkg in it.
d) Run the Akamai Netsession Interface.pkg to install it.
3) After the Akamai Netsession Client installs, relaunch the game.
We are currently working on a more comprehensive solution to this issue, but this workaround will allow our Mac players to update their game launchers today. Thanks!
  • Following Step 3 above, DDO will continue to patch as expected.
Bug: NetSession will query you to download the High Resolution Data -- every time it is launched.
If you already have the high resolution files down loaded, nothing happens.
  • Note that this is the users Application folder, not the System Application folder.
  • The running Akamai application is called 'netsession_mac'

Akamai Client file locations

All Akamai NetSession related files are stored in the Users Applications Folder (i.e. NOT in the System level /Applications folder).

Akamai Netsession Interface Dodge

  • Contained in that folder is a 'readme.txt' file, a very good description of the NetSession Client, how it works and its interface.

Akamai Netsession Interface Mac Download Windows 10

'Akama NetSession Preferences' is installed in the in System Preferences panel.
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