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Andromeda Cutline Mac Free Download

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Download Cutline Filter - The Cutline Plug-In is a Photoshop plug-in which is intended for use on continuous tone gray scale images. Free Download report malware. Andromeda Software Inc.

NOT COMPATIBLE with Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina
Andromeda’s Photoshop and InDesign plug-ins are NOT COMPATIBLE with Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina. If you are using Andromeda products, do not upgrade your Mac operating system. We will be looking into the issue as time allows but there is no immediate solution at this time other than to run our products on a computer that has an older version of Mac OSX.

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Version 3.0 – 32 and 64 bit compatible Engraving and woodcut effects. The Cutline Plug-In is intended for use on continuous tone gray scale images. The best results are seen with photos or illustrations with gradient blends. Cutline screens are a combination of line/dot screens. A standard line screen represents gray tones in a photo or illustration by varying the thickness of black lines on a white background. However, in the Cutline screen, as lines get thicker, angles “cuts” appear in the lines, which cause them to break into dots. The result is an effect that emulates the classic old world engraving and woodcut techniques.


  • Engraves selected parts of a grayscale photograph or illustration in 10 to 35 lpi. range, customizable to higher or lower settings.
  • Uses a unique directional engraving tool called the Stamper to set angles and curvature of engraved lines.
  • Effortlessly identifies and applies selected engraved lines to Highlight, Midtone and Shadow areas in an unselected grayscale image.
  • Re–interprets gradients into engraved lines of varying width and shape.

Preview the Cutline Manual (3.8 MB) Cutline offers wavy and straight lines and ellipses, making it easy to impact an image with an elegant engraving or stunning woodcut effect.Cutline has four screens uniquely suited for exceptional hand engraved and woodcut effects:Cutlines: Simple straight lines that are set at a fixed 13 degree angle for better linequality. See our output for comparison. Using straight lines tends to offer a more mechanical or exacting effect on your images than the others. Wavy Cutlines: Wavy lines that are also set at a 13 degree angle and are also not adjustable in wavelength or height or angle. These tend to soften images somewhat, and may enhance contours and depth in some areas of your image. Elliptical Cutlines: Concentric Ellipses which allows the use of the Stamper Tool and Angle and Curvature sliders. The user can strategically place the curved lines to engrave and enhance any image or selection and is best suited for smooth surfaces. Wavy Ellipses: Concentric Wavy Ellipses which also invites the use of the Stamper Tool and adjustment sliders. Working with this screen may require some trial and error to get the best placement, but is well worth the effort. Wavy Ellipses can add and enhance the surface contours of an image, and adds a character all its own.

A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Available now for Windows and Mac. This game is still in development.

Set in the year 3025, you take on the role of a lost traveler. With no memory of your past, you wake up on the starship, Andromeda Six, surrounded by its crew of outcasts, each with their own vivid backstory and one common goal.

You must try to recover the pieces of your past to uncover your true identity and purpose, while learning to survive the political turmoil overtaking the galaxy after its recent terrorist attacks.

Andromeda Cutline Mac Free Download Windows 7

On your journey you may end up discovering more than what you bargained for, but can you handle the truth of your past or will it end up consuming you? Will you follow the destiny the stars have written for you, or forge a new path?

You will have the ability to play as a male, female, or non-binary Traveler, with the option to choose from three different species to play through the game:

Tilaari - A gentle and intelligent alien race dedicated to their medical studies and nurturing way of life.

Human - The most populous of all species, renowned for their scientific advances and engineering.

Kitalphan - A humanoid race gifted with the ability to live both on land or water, this unique species easily adapts to their chosen habitat.


Andromeda Cutline Mac free download. software

There are seven different romance paths to choose from. With unique endings for each route, all characters are available for all Travelers to romance, but bear in mind that romance is not mandatory on your journey.

Calderon - The stoic and standoffish ex-military commander with a fiery vendetta.
Damon - The cold hearted but charming second-in-command with a sharp tongue.
Juniper - The calm and collected gunman with a gentlemen's demeanor.
Sebastian - The humorous and easygoing engineer with a love of bionics.
Ayame - The bright and no-drama ace pilot and self-proclaimed geek queen.
Ryona - The pure hearted and nurturing medic with a deep-rooted yearning for revenge.
Vexx - The troubled guard from your past with a history that has turned for the worse.

Writer + Programmer Nadine
Writer Stephanie
Character Artist Kristine
Design Artist Adriana
Background Artist Rebecca

Andromeda Cutline Mac Free Download

Andromeda Cutline Mac Free Downloads

A6 is still in development, with the initial release set for 23rd November 2019, so come join us as we share concepts and updates with you on this futuristic journey!

Game is currently rated 17+ for mature language, sexual themes, and violence.

Andromeda Cutline Mac Free Download Windows 10

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For bug or other issues, please contact us at [email protected]

Our FAQ can be found on Tumblr.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorWanderlust Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCyberpunk, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Sci-fi


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