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Avaya Ix Workplace Mac Download

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The Avaya IX Workplace Softphone is software used for making telephone calls over the Internet on your network connected PC. For access to the campus directory inside the app, use Avaya IX Workplace (softphone) while connected to Global Protect VPN.

Using Avaya IX™ Workplace Client for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows August 4, 2020 Instance, location or other specific designation, or to be provided by End User to Avaya through electronic means. Avaya Spaces—The App for How You’re Working Now. The nature of work is ever changing. Right now, it’s more fast-paced, less predictable. Avaya Spaces is how to handle your usual tasks, but also the unplanned and new-priority work that arrives nearly every day. Work from anywhere. Contact your Avaya representative or visit to learn more about the Avaya Workplace and to discover how it can support your digital transformation strategy. Avaya Workplace Specifications Operating systems Apple iOS Android Microsoft Windows Apple Mac Security AES-256 cipher support TLS version 1.2 Max current calls 15,000 Max.

Install and Log Into Avaya IX Workplace

Windows Installers:

  • Software Center

Avaya Ix Workplace Client

Mac Installers:

Avaya Ix Workplace Mac Downloads

  • Self-Service
  1. Install the Avaya IX Workspace application for either PC or Mac

  2. When opening the app for the first time, choose Configure My Account and enter your LDAP credentials

Configure Microphone and Speakers

Note: Avaya does not have speaker or microphone testing, so you may want to ensure your microphone and speakers are working in your OS settings or in Zoom

  1. Click the video/audio icon in the bottom right of the app to configure your microphone and speakers
  2. Choose your microphone and speakers/headphones from the drop down menus

How To Make a Call

  1. There are many ways to place a call. On campus numbers can be dialed with the five number extension, while offsite numbers needs to be prefaced by 91 followed by the full number (ex: 91-707-867-5309). A,B, and C list different ways to make a call.
    1. Search the name of a user on campus to find them in the directory. Hover over the user’s name and click the phone icon to place a call. You must be connected to VPN for the university directory to be searched. Otherwise, only local computer contacts will be displayed.
    2. If the person’s phone is on campus and you know the extension, dial their 5 digit extension in the search field and then click the phone icon
    3. Click the dialpad icon and dial the phone number manually. You can also dial the 5 digit extension here.

Answering or Declining Phone Calls

  1. You will receive a pop up and a ring tone when a user is calling. You can choose to accept the call or decline it from the pop up that appears on your screen.

How to Transfer a Call (Cold)

  1. After you have connected to a call, the app will show the user’s name and other functions. To transfer the call, click the three dots > Transfer Call > To a Number…
  2. If dialing to an onsite number, type the 5 digit extension. For an offsite number, dial 91 and the full number
  3. Click the transfer button to complete the call

How To Start a Conference Call

  1. Start a call with a user. You will see call options appear in the app.
  2. Select the three dots next to the user’s name and select “Add Someone to Call”
  3. When the new menu pops up, type their name or phone number, select the person’s name, and click the yellow “Add to Call” button
  4. Once the additional user answers the call, you will have the option to merge the call into a Conference. Click the 'Merge' button to connect everyone.

Avaya Ix Workplace Mac Download Windows 10

How To Add a Contact

Avaya Ix Workplace Support

  1. Search for the user’s name in the search field
  2. When you hover over the user’s name, click the “+” icon
  3. Click “Add Contact” in the top right corner
  4. These users will now show up in your Contacts menu