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Bing Desktop Download For Mac

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Bing Desktop Download For Mac Windows 7

Bing Desktop Download For Mac

While anyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone can always surf over to the Bing front page to see its daily high resolution image, there's now a new way for Mac OS X owners to download and use a number of those impressive photos from Microsoft as their desktop wallpaper.

Bing Desktop Background For Mac

Microsoft quietly added download links for three Mac OS X Bing wallpaper packs earlier this month. All three packs have seven wallpapers each. The first is called Canyons of the Southwest, which contains some beautiful scenes of the rocky but majestic vistas that are a part of the Grand Canyon and other similar locations.

The second wallpaper pack is titled Classic Cars and, as you can see above, it has some very cool close up images of some vintage automobiles. Finally, the third wallpaper download is called Arctic Icebergs. It has some breathtaking looks at massive ice flows found in Greenland, along with some other images from Croker Bay, located in Canada.

Bing Desktop Download For Mac Desktop

For some reason, Microsoft didn't bother to write full descriptions for these wallpaper downloads, so Mac OS X owners should keep that in mind when they click on the links to avoid confusion

Bing Desktop Download For Mac

Source: Canyons of the Southwest, Classic Cars and Arctic Icebergs.