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Canon Cr2 Converter Mac Download

Other programs to consider include Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom for Mac. A free alternative is Unidentified Flying Raw and Microsoft Raw Image Extension. Due to the large size of CR2 files or the unavailability of advanced editing software, a lot of users may prefer to convert CR2 to JPG. Developed by: Canon, Inc. Initial Release: 2004. Best Method to View and Convert CR2 to JPEG on Mac. If you can view the CR2 files directly on your. Convert CR2 files to JPEG, apply photo effects and rename in batch. How to View Canon Photos with Canon RAW Viewer. Step 1: Import RAW photos into the program. When you download and install the Canon RAW viewer, you can launch the program on your Mac. Apr 11, 2018.

Till date, Canon has preferred to use the cr2 file format for their digital negatives (raw image file). In other cases, with the other detailed digital camera users have to seek a manner of developing their digital negatives and this is done with the use of cr2 converters. This is necessary so as to make the file be viewable in other formats such as JPEG and other popular image formats.


Canon RAW Image Converter

Canon RAW Image Converter is a cr2 convert that is made primarily for the Canon users. With this software, it is easy for the users to do the conversion. CR2 Converter is a free converter for CR2. It allows batch conversion, adds multiple digital photos at once, and convert them together.

Converting CR2 to JPG

reaConverter is an effective cr2 converter used for converting CR2 to JPG. The software is desktop based, and it is easy to download, install and use and thus a favorable companion for the Canon users. With the software, you do not have to be an IT pro so as to use it.

CR2 Converter

Convertio – CR2 Converter is an online based conversion tool that can be able to handle the cr2 files. Convertio is a tool that can be used for a wide range of conversions from documents to even videos. With is particular tool, there are a lot of image formats that you can convert to.

Other Platforms

There exist some stand-alone CR2 converters. For them, it is important to identify the platform that is required by such tools. This being the case, in this article, we will be looking at some of the converters that ride on specific platforms to help you choose the best.

CR2 Converter for Windows

CR2 Converter is a tool designed for the Windows platform by Canon for the use in converting RAW images. The tool is solely distributed in English, and it is very light-weight. With this software, it is incredibly easy and fun to perform the conversions and offers a great way of enjoying photography.

Snap Converter for Mac

Canon Raw Cr2 Converter

Snap Converter is a multi-purpose conversion tool and can be used as a cr2 converter. The software is Mac platform based and is easy and fun to use as it is a drag and drop. It allows you to resize images with percentages as well as other parameters you desire.

Raw Decoder for Android

RAW Decoder is an Android app that is designed to help the users of Cameras that produce RAW images in converting them to common image formats such as JPG and PNG. The App supports the conversion of all leading camera manufacturers including Canon’s CR3 and CRW.


Canon Cr2 Converter For Mac

Most Popular Software for 2016 – Pixillion Image Converter Software

Pixillion Image Converter Software can be used for a wide range of image conversion and at the same time can be used as a cr2 converter. The software works with all versions of Windows OS from XP and also supports the Mac platform thus becoming a popular choice.

What is a CR2 Converter?

A computer program is said to be a cr2 converter if it has to convert the RAW data of an advanced Canon camera into the most popular formats that can be easily viewed. Essentially cr2 is the RAW image also referred to as digital negative and is preferred by photographers as it is able to hold more details about the image captured than the other processed formats. You can also seeFlash to Html5 Converters


However, there is the disadvantage of that file format it is usually large and also that it cannot be shared by the majority of the sharing platforms.To a large extent, an image in the RAW format remains useless and of no help to the large majority of users. This is the reason why cr2 converters are important to photographers. With the above reviews, it is now easy to find the most suitable converter.

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