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There is substantial risk of loss of capital when trading and/or investing.  None of the material presented on this website or received in an e-mail is intended as a recommendation for placing a trade or management of your investments.  This blog provides educational material regarding a system used by the blog’s owner for his own personal use and is shared as a courtesy to the members of this site.  The e-mails received as a member of this site are for convenience and not intended to be actionable investment advice.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.  There is no guarantee any specific outcome or profit may occur.  There is always risk of loss when making an investment, or implementing any strategy discussed on the pages of this site.

Investments or strategies mentioned on this site or in any e-mail received may not be suitable for you.  You must take responsibility or discuss any investment decision with a professional prior to taking action based upon any information presented or delivered.  Implementing someone else’s strategies without completely understanding how they work, what the strengths or weaknesses of the strategies are, and whether it meets your financial objectives are all serious things you should consider.

This blog and website is one man’s opinion.  It may be correct, it may be dead wrong.