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Download Audible Books For Mac

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Part 1. How to Download Audible Books to MP3 Player with Audile Manager

Use your smartphone, tablet, Amazon device or computer to listen to Audible audiobooks. On Mac, you can directly download AAX files and then import the downloaded AAX audible audiobooks to iTunes or Apple Books(with authorized Audible account). Part 1: Buy Audiobooks from Audible Store The offers millions of audiobooks, after become a member of Audible, you can free get your first audiobook, and you can find. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Audiobooks from Audible. I've got an annoying issue where I cannot sync 3 of my 30 audiobooks to my iPhone. All 3 are from Audible, I have others from Audible, that moved over ok and were from Audible, all from the same account and all play fine on my Mac. They play in the Audible app, but I prefer the Books app. With your Audible book purchases now listed, click the 'Select' box beside the book title before hitting the 'Delete' button in the menu bar above the purchase list. A checkmark will appear next.

It can't be denied that Audible files are compatible with MP3 player. But you should keep in mind that not all MP3 players supports audiobooks purchased from According to the Audible's official website, Audible compatible MP3 devices could be SanDisk Sansa, Creative, Garmin, etc. As consequence, before get started to move Audible books to MP3 player, please make sure the target MP3 player is included in the supported list by Audible.

Since there is no Audible app for MP3 audio player, you need to use Audible Manager for Windows to download Audible audiobooks to MP3 player. The detailed steps are different on different Windows OS. Now, you can choose the right tutorial as below to sync Audible files to MP3 player.

Transfer Audiobooks to MP3 Player on Windows 10

Step 1. Download and install Audible app for Windows on your computer. Please launch it and connect your MP3 player.

Step 2. Once the device recognized, you can transfer audiobooks by dragging an audiobook over to the device icon on the screen or trapping the overflow menu (...) under the audiobook and touching the 'Add to...' option.

Step 3. It will pop up a new window, in which you can click 'Ok'. And then please login your Audible account details and click 'Activate' tab to active your MP3 player with Audible. Now, audiobooks start downloading to your player.

Convert Audiobooks to MP3 Player on Windows Vista/7

Step 1. Please Connect your MP3 player to your computer via USB cable and install Audible Manager on your computer and open it.

Step 2. Please click the Device -> Add New Device at the main interface of Audible Manage. It will show up a list of all compatible devices. You need to select the target MP3 player from them and click 'OK' to confirm it.

Step 3. There is a prompt that if you want to install the component files. You can confirm it and close Audible Manager to wait for the end of install process.

Step 4. Relaunch the Audible Manager on your computer, the MP3 player will show up under the 'Mobile Devices' tab. Please simply touch it and select 'Activate' to activate it.

Step 5. Select favorite audiobooks from Audible library and then upload then to MP3 player by clicking the 'Add to Device' option.


* Do it with no cost.
* It's easy to operate it.


* This way is only available for Windows computer.
* You are required to authorize audiobooks with Audible account.
* It works for a few Audible compatible MP3 players only.

As the rapid development of science and technology, the pace of life becomes faster for everyone. Compared with reading with eyes, most people want to read with their ears so that they can drive, swim or do more other activities. So audiobooks come out. And the audiobooks from solve problems of many people. But how can you download Audible books on your PC/Mac? In this post, you will find the best answer.

On Windows computer, use Audible Download Manager or Audible Win 10 app.
On Mac, directly download and use iTunes or Apple Books to import audible audio files please.

Preparation: How to buy audible books

The has millions of audiobooks. As one of the biggest audiobooks market, you can find lots of audiobooks to listen. The rich contents are easy to meet your requirements. Now follow with our steps to know how to download audible books to PC or how to download audible books to Mac.

Whether you have a mac or a PC, you can access to the Audible site to sign in and purchase the Audible books. The is owned by Amazon. So it's very convenient for you to log in with an Amazon account. Then your Kindle device will be connected with Also, you can create a new audible account to sign in. It's up to you. Even though you sign in with a new audible account, you can connect your Amazon account to Audible.

2Choose Audible Audiobook to Shopping Cart

You will find the 'Browse Audible' option in site navigation. Choose one audible audiobook from your favorite classification. Or you can select a free audible book for your first try. You can also have a look at this article which introduces how to get free audible books.

In your shopping cart, you can find the audible books you added. There are many free audiobooks in You can save your penny on those free Audible books. For a none-free audiobook, you must have a credit card to buy for it.

Click 'Next Step'. Then click 'Complete Purchase'. You can listen and download so long as you complete your purchase.

Important part: Download Audible books to PC/Mac (Video Tutorial)

Step 1: Download audible files from site (.adh)

In the navigation of the Audible site, place the mouse over the 'My Library' option and click 'My Books'. Then you can find all Audible audiobooks you bought. Choose the format of audiobooks (Format 4 is best for a mp3 player) and click 'DOWNLOAD“ option.

You will get a file named ”admhelper.adh“. The file you download from the Audible site is always named ”admhelper.adh“. You can also choose your favorite audiobooks to deliver to your associated applications.

Note: Audible Manager doesn’t provide macOS version. On your mac, when you click the 'DOWNLOAD“ option, you will get a complete audible audiobook file (AA/AAX format, not the .adh).

If you are using MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave or earlier, the downloaded aa/aax files will be saved in the Audiobooks section of iTunes.

If you are using MacOS 10.15 Catalina, once the download is complete click on the file in your browser and it will appear in the audiobooks section of Apple Books. (With the release of MacOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple has transitioned from iTunes to Apple Books.)

That's all you should do when downloading audible to Mac computer, no need to continue the step 2.

Step 2: Use Audible Downloader Manager to download files (.aa/.aax)

Download Audible Download Manager from Audible official site please.

This application is must-have if you want to download Audible books to your PC. After you install it, you can open the downloaded file 'admhelper.adh'.

Audible Download Manager will automatically import the .adh file to download the real AA/AAX audiobooks. You can click the 'Downloads folder' option to open the stored folder.

Optional: Use Audible app for windows 10 (or 8.1)

If the computer OS you are using was Windows 10 (most users are using this system), you even don't have to download audible adh file online from official site and installing the audible download manager. All you need is an audible windows 10 app.

Open audible app on your computer, click the audio books cover to download them. Downloaded audio files will be saved here: C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalPackagesAudibleInc.AudibleforWindowsPhone_...LocalStateContent

AudibleSync for Win10 Users:

Audible released a new app named AudibleSync for Win10 users which helps download and manage audible audiobooks. More info please read this article: AudibleSync--Audible Released New Download App for Windows 10/8.

Download Audible Books For Mac
Q: Can't download my audible book to my pc. When I go to my library and click the download button, it just links me to a part of the site listing audible apps, instead of prompting a download.

A: If what you used is Win 10 or 8.1, please use audible app but not the audible download manager.

If what you used is win 7, by default you won't meet this problem. But if you met, maybe it is because you are using the old ADM software, you need to update it by going to
Scroll at the very bottom and look for Install Audible Manager
Then complete the installation process.

If still not resolved, I think you should contact audible support center ([email protected]). It seems to be some glitch with certain accounts, if you reported your problem they will help you reset something in your account (updated the download settings).

Another new solution (update) here is that, if you had 2 computers (and different system OS), for example, you had another Mac computer or Linux, you can try to download your audible books on that machine.

Audible Download Manager For Mac

Q: Is it possible to download Audible books on android or iphone, and then transfer audible files to computer?

By default, you can transfer your audible files from android/iphone to computer only if you can find them. But please keep this in mind that the newly downloaded audible audio books will be aaxc format (not the aax).

The left is to choose an audible player on your computer to listen to your audio books. Here I highly recommend you also have a good look at that article because it will also tell you how do I download audible books to iTunes.

Friendly tips: Download audible to MP3

Audible Books For Free

Yes there are many players that we can use to play audible audiobooks, but not all devices. Why? In fact audible audiobooks are always bundled with audible its own app (audible app or audible download manager or specified devices ), and they are saved in aa and aax format. But you know the more pupular audio format (or music format) is MP3. If we could download audible files to mp3 format, we can play audible on any devices without any limitation. Here we will meet Epubor Audible Converter tool, which can not only remove DRM from audible but also convert audible to mp3 easily.

Open this tool, you just need to add the aa or aax format audible books (you've downloaded to your computer) to remove DRM, then choose MP3 as output format.

Audible Download Mac

Now you can play audible on mp3 player. Happy Listening.

Download Audible Books For Macbook Pro

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