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Download Busy Light For Mac

  1. Download Busy Light For Mac Os
  2. Download Busy Light For Macbook

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Pro features of Shaderlight like lights, animation,
chalk rendering and more.

Update Shaderlight

The latest version of Shaderlight fully supports SketchUp 2020.
If you have a Shaderlight 2020 (v8) license, simply download the software from the links below.
Windows or Mac
Existing Shaderlight customers with a licence for an older version can purchase an Upgrade License from our shop.
To ensure you are running the latest version of Shaderlight, in SketchUp go to Plugins > Shaderlight for SketchUp > About Shaderlight.. In this box it will show either that an update is available or no updates were found. If neither message shows, you have an older version and need to upgrade.

Render with Shaderlight

Download Busy Light For Mac Os

Visit the Resources page to download this ready to render SketchUp scene and render your first Shaderlight image.Macbook

Download Busy Light For Macbook

Start rendering with the basic version of Shaderlight. Available for Windows or Mac