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Download Facebook Video Chrome Mac

What Makes FB Video Downloader Stand Out?

No login required. No information recorded. No virus detected. Fast Facebook Video Downloader applies the security database to detect and prevent any virus and hack tech. It's totally safe to download videos from Facebook in HD here.

Facebook Video Downloader is more than a Facebook Video Downloader for Windows PC and Mac with Chrome/Firefox/Safari. It's also a cinch to download FB videos on Android and iPhone without software.

It must be so annoying to watch a screen full of ads. However, user experience comes prior to all here. We guarantee that there are and will not be any disturbing advertisements, pop-ups, windows to worsen your use experience.

This FB Video Downloader online converts the link you paste to MP4 in HD quality. You can save a video/live video/private video from Facebook to desktop or in mobile without a hitch. Note that live video can be downloaded only after it ends.

FB Video Downloader is 100% free to use without any extra fee. You don't need to spend a penny in order to download facebook videos you want. A bunch of free online solutions are on your demand!

This is the fatest Facebook Video Downloader you ever used. With the edge-cutting technology, we've made it the easiest and fastest to download Facebook videos. Have a try and you'll see.

Before stepping into this guide to download Facebook videos online, let me tell you that there are many ways to do so. There are different ways to download Facebook videos Chrome, Firefox and Mac. Instead of writing about different procedure for every browser, it's better to write a universal way to download Facebook videos online. Jan 10, 2017.

3 Steps to Download Facebook Videos

How To Download Google Chrome For Mac

Download Facebook videos you want by URL here, and tap/click 'DOWNLOAD' to proceed.

  • How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Tool. The method is based on a simple URL change of the video you want to download. And whenever you wish to download any facebook video that you like to save on your computer or mobile by just changing the URL in a tricky way that I have discussed below. Just follow the below steps to proceed.
  • The fastest and just one click way to download FaceBook videos for free is to use downloader. 💣 It will help you to download all FaceBook videos without limits! Mac OS, Windows, and Linux always save files in the default folder. Popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Brave.

Facebook Video Download Chrome Extension

Now, tap/click on the either 'Download in HD Quality' or 'Download in Normal Quality'.

Save the FB video to PC, Android, or iPhone in no time and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Video Downloader is an online, free tool for users to download Facebook videos /live videos /private Facebook videos. Since it's not an application, neither do you need to sign up and log in with an account, nor will any private information be recorded. Also, the security database is applied to keep you from any potential risks.

This fast Facebook Video Downloader can be used both on desktop for Mac and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, as well as in mobile for Android and iPhone devices supporting Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, Sony, Pixel and others.

You can download HD videos from Facebook to computer and directly use Facebook Video Downloader with the Chrome/Firefox or other browsers on Android phones. However, there is a bit different when it comes to downloading Facebook videos to iPhone/iPad. You need to use Documents app for assistance. Please check this Facebook Video Downloader Tutorial for more information.

Download Facebook Video Chrome Mac

On desktop, Facebook videos that are downloaded to your computer will be by default saved to the 'Downloads' folder unless you've changed the path on your own.

On Android, the saving path depends on your browser. By default, downloads should be saved to the 'Downloads' folder. Follow:“┇' > 'Downloads'.


On iPhone/iPad, if you're using the “Document' app, videos should be downloaded to 'Documents' > 'Downloads'.

This fast Facebook Video Downloader is the best if you've ever used it. It's never been so easy to download Facebook videos, live videos, and private FB videos from Facebook. It's never a trouble on how to download Facebook videos to Android, iPhone and PC. What you need is so far 3 steps only.

Facebook Videos Downloader offers a free online FB video downloading solution for users to download HD videos from Facebook, but it doesn't hold any copyritghted contnt on its server. All credit goes to its respective owners. When using you agree to obey with our Terms of Use.