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Download Instagram Photos Bulk Mac

Why use a complicated, general-use photo editor like Photoshop® to watermark your images when you can use a lightweight specially built tool to perform the same task? With PhotoMarks for Mac & PC you can completely customize the appearance of your text and logo watermarks, as well as perform additional edits like Resize, Rename, Auto Rotate. How to Download Photos from INSTAGRAM on PC How to save Images from INSTAGRAM on PC Updated version:

Windowed is a simple new app that finally lets you upload to Instagram directly from your Mac or PC desktop. Created by photographer and programmer Felix Sun, the app is essentially a tiny mobile. How To Batch Download Instagram Photos: Step 1: Get Instag Downloader for Chrome. This is a nifty Chrome extension which apart from downloading your own Instagram photos will also help you to download someone else’s Instagram photos. Here’s the download link to Instag Downloader. Step 2: Now login to your web Instagram account on www.

Use Instagram Profile Downloader to save all the profile data in one click – your everlasting archive always at hand.

Ingramer Instagram Profile Downloader

Just insert a username and download photos and videos on your smartphone or computer without registration and installing add-ons.

What is Instagram Profile Downloader?

It is a convenient way of mass downloading Instagram videos and photos via an Instagram username.

Why is Instagram Profile Downloader the best?

We would highlight the following reasons:

  • Premium feature — download all the posts from a profile in one go.
  • All you need to save Stories is to know and enter the username to the input box.
  • Mass Stories downloading by a username.
  • Mobile and PC support regardless of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) or Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Should I pay to download data from an IG profile?

You can save images, videos, IGTV, Stories free of charge. But if you want to download all the account media in bulk, we offer the Premium package for its handiness and higher speed. The tariffs are:

  • €1 – 3 days trial;
  • €8/month for 10 profiles;
  • €42/month for 100 profiles;
  • €86/month – unlimited downloads.

How do I download an Instagram profile on PC?

Use our detailed guide and pump your Instagram downloading skills.

  • Open Instagram on your browser;
  • Copy the necessary username;
  • Paste the username to the input box and click on the Download button;
  • Scroll down to see all photos, GIFs, and videos you can download;
  • Chose the Premium download;
  • You will be redirected to the Dashboard where you follow the instructions.

How do I download an Instagram profile on the phone?

The downloading process on a smartphone is identical. But if you are worried or in doubt, the Ingramer team races to the rescue.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Copy the username.
  • Paste this username to the search bar and click on the Download button.
  • Scroll down and choose the most adorable photos.
  • Tap on the arrow.

Voila! Your task is done.

Download instagram photos bulk macbook

Can I save Instagram content free of charge?

Yes, you can download any content piece but no more than 6 files. To get endless access and higher speed, order the Premium Downloader package.

Is Instagram profile downloader legal?

Sure. You can download your favorite content for personal use from any public account.

How many videos or photos can I upload using Ingramer Profile Downloader?

Oh, yay, you can download a ton of Instagram photos and videos at a time.

Where is media saved on a computer?

Instagram profile downloads usually go to Downloads. Also, you can use the option Save As and change the download location. To check Downloads, you need to do as follows:

  • Google Chrome browser

For Windows. Use the shortcut (Ctrl+J), and you will see the list of downloads.

For Mac. Use the shortcut (Shift+Command+J) to see the list of downloads.

  • Using the Firefox browser, you need to press the same key combination to view the downloads’ list.

Where are files saved on a phone?

All your saved files are sent to your Photos or Gallery.

Use Instagram Downloader to save Instagram photos and videos from your Instagram account or any public one.


Ingramer Instagram Picture Downloader

Your easy-to-use Downloader for Instagram. Save photos and videos in original quality.

What is an Instagram Post Downloader?

Instagram Post Downloader is a service that saves any Instagram picture to any gadget. No matter how you decided to apply the Ingramer Instagram downloader, you can collect photos and videos to PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. You just paste the link and automatically get photos or videos to your device.

Why do you need Instagram Image Downloader?

First of all, it's time-saving. You don’t have to take screenshots, edit them, and get angry at bad-quality pictures. Second, you get photos without any quality loss. As far as we know, some people have no idea how to save photos from Instagram, and this Ingramer tool is a real lifesaver. Even a kid can do it.

Can I save videos via Instagram Downloader Online?

Sure. Everybody can also utilize an Instagram Photo Downloader as an Instagram Video Downloader. Only high-quality content for your further usage.

Can I use Instagram Downloader for PC?

Instagram For Mac

You can use Ingramer Instagram Downloader for your PC and mobile. As you may have noticed, Ingramer is a web service. So you can download videos and photos to your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

How to use Ingramer Instagram Downloader

This service is user-friendly and simple.

Instagram App Download For Mac

  • Open the Instagram post with a picture you want to save;
  • Copy the link of the Instagram publication;
  • On Ingramer Instagram Downloader page paste a link to a field next to the Download button;
  • Click the Download button.
    The photo will immediately be saved to the Downloads folder.

Is it safe to download Instagram photos?

Download Instagram Photos Bulk Macbook

Sure. Download Instagram photos anonymously and safely with Ingramer. We do not collect any of your data.

Does a user get notified when I save his post?

No. A user can't tell if you download his media with the Ingramer downloader.

Is it lawful to download Instagram pictures?

Yes, it is legal to download Instagram pictures. If you do not publish the saved photos as your own (not giving credit to the real author), you keep within the copyright law.