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Download Screenshot Tool For Mac

Jing is a screen capture tool offered by TechSmith. The captured images are shared on to provide the URL to copy/paste the images. It allows you to capture video of your screen. Features: Screen Capture tool for Windows and Mac Operating Systems; Jing is easy to use and has a user-friendly user interface.

  1. Free Snipping Tool For Mac
  • Today, we bring you a list of the 10 best screenshot apps available for macOS and they all have their unique features. Snappy is a beautiful feature-rich screenshot tool with so many advanced features I am surprised that it is free. It was designed for taking quick shots (referred to as snaps) and organizing them for you into.
  • Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows with the following key features: Quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window or fullscreen; you can even capture complete (scrolling) web pages from Internet Explorer. Easily annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot.
  • Best Snipping Tool for Mac: Grab. Grab is a Mac Snipping Tool alternative that makes it possible to take screenshots of your screen and save them as image files. Just like Snipping Tool for Windows, Grab has several screen-capture modes, and it also supports keyboard shortcuts. Best of all, there’s no need to look for Snipping Tool download.

Screenshot anything you see on Mac screen

Featuring simple and intuitive interface, this Mac screenshot tool gives you the possibility to take snapshot of anything displayed on Mac easily by clicking a button or utilizing shortcut keys. It comes with an all in one screenshot mode to fulfil your different requirement of capturing full screen, browser webpages, application menu, specific window or other customized rectangle region without any hassle.

Detect window automatically when capturing

In addition, this Mac OS screenshot software is also available for detecting the application window intelligently. This is great when you prefer to snapshot the application window, as you can simply moving the cursor over the window you want to capture and then clicking it, rather than clicking and dragging the mouse to screenshot it.

Apply image retouching elements to screenshot

In addition to the simplicity in taking screenshot on Mac, one big advantage Apowersoft Mac Screenshot offers is image annotation. In case that you may desire to make annotations to the screenshots for better conveying your ideas & concept or personalizing images, it lets you edit the images in terms of adding rectangle, ellipse, arrows and texts to the captured image, depending on your needs.

Upload screenshots to free cloud space

Unlike other Mac snapshot tools which only let you save the image to clipboard or local drive, this Mac screenshot tool also allows for uploading image to the cloud space provided by It's totally free of charge and registration. Once uploaded, you are allowed to share the screenshots to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others with a click of mouse. Moreover, four kinds of image links are provided for inserting to blog, forum or directly sending via instant messages.

Screen magnifier for grabbing precisely

Free Snipping Tool For Mac

For convenience, this Mac OS screenshot application has a built-in screen magnifier that designed for detailed view and virtually impaired. When you drag along a region to screenshot on Mac, it appears along with your capture frame and can be used to zoom in the current region. In this way, you can zoom in a region and capture the enlarged area.

Support various image outputs

Once you've taken a screenshot successfully, you can save it as PNG image file on desktop, copied to clipboard or even uploaded to the free cloud space. This indeed depends on your needs, you can save it as image file in computer for future reference. For sending via instant messages or inserting to documents, then copying to clipboard is more proper. While if you prefer sharing via social network or posting to blog, forum, uploading would be the best choice.

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Screenshots grants Internet users the ability to capture and share things in their daily routine. And also they have also been quite helpful in visual communication especially when you need to describe a tech issue on computer. despite the default print screen capabilities that come with Windows and Mac, there are plenty of third party screenshot software available on the Internet. In addition to taking screenshot, they often have other extra functions, such as editing, uploading and instant sharing. However, some of them need you to purchase while some others don’t. In this article, I will enumerate top 10 free screenshot tools for you to use.

Best Screenshot Tools for Free

Free Screenshot Capture

This is a well rounded free screenshot tool with an intuitive interface. It is a web-based application, thus you don’t have to install it on your PC. It packs in all the essential screenshot functions and comes with a robust image editor. Here is a review of its prominent features:

  • Cross platform compatibility – you can take screenshots from all devices that run Windows OS.
  • Flexible capture modes – capture full screen, specific region, and active window.
  • Instant editing features – illustrate your captured images with shapes and text, add watermarks, etc.
  • Free Cloud storage space – as soon as you’ve taken a screenshot, you can upload it instantly to the free space provided by the developer. You will receive links to that screenshot, which you can embed in blogs and forums.
  • One-click sharing option – You are allowed to share the screenshot to your social networks upon its creation.

Pros: It has added features such as image editor, and online sharing function.

Cons: It needs internet connection to work.

Note: However, you can get its offline version by clicking this button.


This is another lightweight free screenshot program that lets you rapidly create screenshots of the entire screen, a current window or a custom selected region. You can also use it to capture full webpages from Internet Explorer. This software enables you to easily annotate the screenshot. When you are done with the screenshot, you can save it to your local file, upload it to photo sharing websites or send it to MS Office applications.

Pros: Supports basic image editing.

Cons: Its whole page capture is buggy.


This is an unobtrusive desktop-based screenshot utility that captures your screen and active window in a single click and lets you enhance it with texts, shapes, etc. When the screenshot is created, you can choose to save it to your local disk or upload it to social media and picture sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,, etc.

DownloadDownload Screenshot Tool For Mac

Pros: It supports image editing.

Cons: Its full version is not for free.


Skitch is a free screen capture tool offered by Evernote. Markup and annotation features which include arrows, shapes and fast sketches are a highlight of this software. Moreover, this program has versions for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platform. Thus, it empowers you to keep sharing your views and experiences graphically whether you’re on a desktop, a tablet pc or even a smartphone!

Pros: Offers several ways to take screenshot.

Cons: It has a complicated interface.


The prior focus of the ShareX screenshot utility is, as the name implies, sharing! Besides the standard features that you can expect from a screenshot tool, it also lets you record the screen, upload files and enhance the captured image by multiple annotations. The software supports uploading to over 30 file sharing websites, multiple workflows with hotkey specific preferences and a high degree of customizability.

Pros: Fast and easy to use.

Cons: Its sharing function is not good.


This free print screen software is an all-in-one package of screenshot capturer, image editor, image sharer and graphic accessories. You can take a screenshot of the entire screen, a portion, an active window, and a scrolling window. It also allows you to enhance the snapshot with shapes, text, color effects, watermarks, etc. Once you’re done, you can upload the image to several file sharing or social media websites.

Pros: Has simple and easy to use interface.

Cons: Its webpage capture is buggy.

Screenshot Captor

This is another free screenshot utility. It also has functions of editing and sharing. Its new features include automatic / on-demand image uploading and emailing, webcam snapshots, a sophisticated scrolling capture tool, remarkable special effects, and much more. Clearly, this is a tool that can captivate a surge of interest from advanced computer users such as graphic designers and programmers.

Pros: User friendly interface.

Cons: Its screenshot is not accurate.

DuckLink Capture

This free screenshot tool lets you capture all or part of your screen, as well as scrolling webpages. It allows you to annotate the screenshot with texts, free drawings, etc. The image can then be posted to an image sharing website or saved to the computer. Once uploaded, the image can be shared all over the Internet with a simple URL.

Pros: Support different ways to take screenshot.

Cons: There are times where it is faulty.


TinyTake lets you capture both image and video on your computer so you can share them with others in minutes. The software lets you capture all or part of your screen, as well as a window. You can annotate it with text and shapes and store it on the cloud so that you can share it over the Internet by means of a hyperlink. This software also has hot key support and is noted for friendly proxy server.

Pros: Supports photo editing.

Cons: It requires a MangoApps account to use its online sharing function.


Supporting both Windows and iOS, this lightweight screen grab utility has its own image editor and document generator. You can use this free print screen software to create training guides, IT bug reports and collaborative design work. It captures the screen within seconds and even lets you import images from your iPhone. The screenshots can be uploaded to all major social media / file sharing websites.

Pros: Decent program to use.

Cons: Its free version requires internet connection.

When it comes to choosing a free screenshot program, you can go through the above reviews, for each solution involved in the list has stable screen capture ability underlying the excellent performance. Among the applications enumerated above, Free Screenshot Capture provides the best blend of simplicity, accessibility and functionality. And its free cloud storage is another added bonus.

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