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Download Sims 1 Mac Free

Apr 17, 2018.

Download Sims 1 Mac Free

Download Sims 1 Free Mac

The sims 1 download mac

How To Download Sims 1

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Around the Sims offers you free downloads (objects, skins, walls and floors) for the Maxis simulation game The Sims.
All the files work on Mac and Windows.
Please note that you download and use the files found on this site at your own risks. The files have been tested on my game and work fine for me, now, if they don't for you, there's nothing I can do.

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Palace Dining-Room
June, 3rd
You thought the site was dead, didn't you? Well, no, the yearly renewal bill for ATS1 hosting, reminded me that, if I had to pay for a site, at least, it has to be a bit living! I'm not sure I'll pay for another year (donations don't cover the cost, even if it's now rather small, but I have even less money than before... :/), but at least, you can be sure Around the Sims will stay online till the 1st of June, 2012, and maybe even longer with your help.
I made a dining set for my Sims 3 game, remade it for the Sims 2, and finally thought it could be nice to have it in the Sims 1 as well! So, here's thePalace Dining-room. After all, the place I'm calling Rue de l'Opéra in my Sims 3 town is also inspired by my Place Vendôme lot I had in the Sims 1. ;)

Baby World
October, 15th
As in my Sims 3 game, my town is experimenting a baby-boom, I had to create objects for babies and toddlers. A set I remade as well for the Sims 2. I wasn't sure about the Sims 1... Babies aren't that fun in the Sims1, but on the other hand, I don't have that many babies items, and new toys are always welcome, so here's Baby World for the Sims 1 as well.
Last times I made cribs (with babies, for Noémie's nursery & Gypsy sets), some of you said they would have liked better having them decorative. So, this time, I made the crib just deco, but I'm pretty sure I'll get complaints anyway...*rolleyes*

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