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Download Splunk Enterprise For Mac

  1. Splunk Enterprise 7.3.1 Download
  2. Download Splunk Enterprise For Mac Osx
  3. Download Splunk Enterprise

Splunk App for Infrastructure is now compatible with Splunk Enterprise 7.1.0 and later in standalone and distributed Splunk environments. Note: there is a known issue in Splunk Enterprise 7.1.0 where Windows and Linux metrics are incompatible when stored in the same index. This guide is for help with the overall tasks needed to install Splunk in a Distributed Deployment suitable for the Enterprise, e.g. An Enterprise Security Use Case Summary The following guide has been assembled to provide a checklist for and considerations for the Installation and Configuration of Enterprise Security.

This add-on contains a Python interpreter bundled with the following scientific and machine learning libraries: numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, and statsmodels. With this add-on, you can import these powerful libraries in your own custom search commands, custom rest endpoints, modular inputs, and so forth.
This add-on is available for Linux (64-bit and 32-bit), Windows (64-bit) and Mac. Make sure you install the appropriate one for your Splunk deployment.


Python for Scientific Computing (PSC) Add-on is a requirement for some of the applications in Splunkbase such as:

  1. Jul 30, 2018.
  2. Splunk Enterprise v8.0.4 for Win & MacOS & Linux + CRACK What is Splunk? Splunk Find out what is happening in your business and take meaningful action quickly Turn data into answers with intuitive machine learning-powered analytics.
  • Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK Beta and Advisory apps as well)
  • Splunk Security Essentials for Fraud Detection
  • DGA App for Splunk
  • Suricata app for splunk

Splunk’s users have also used PSC and/or MLTK in combination with other applications such as:

  • Splunk Security Essentials
  • App for AWS Billing
  • Splunk ITSI Module for Application Performance Monitoring etc.


Please download and install the appropriate version here:

Splunk Enterprise 7.3.1 Download

  • Mac:

  • Linux 64-bit:

  • Linux 32-bit:

  • Windows 64-bit:


To install an app within Splunk Enterprise:

Download Splunk Enterprise For Mac Osx

  1. Log into Splunk Enterprise.
  2. Next to the Apps menu, click the Manage Apps icon.
  3. Click Install app from file.
  4. In the Upload app dialog box, click Choose File.
  5. Locate the .tar.gz or .tar file you just downloaded, then click Open or Choose.
  6. Click Upload.

Download Splunk Enterprise

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