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Download Stan Statistics For Mac

the R interface to Stan

How do I download Revu eXtreme/CAD/Standard? Revu uses a single installer for Standard, CAD and eXtreme. For Revu 2019 and Revu 20, your serial number and product key will automatically assign the correct edition for installation.

Download Stan Statistics For Mac Os

Instructions for downloading, installing, and getting started withRStan on all platforms.

  • RStan Quick Start Guide(GitHub)

Download Stan Statistics For Mac Download


Visit the RStan website at for vignettes/tutorials, function documentation, and other information about the package.

RStan’s documentation is also available from the comprehensive R archivenetwork.

  • RStan Manual and Vignettes(CRAN)

Stan’s modeling language documentation is platform independent.

RStan’s source code and issue tracker are hosted by GitHub.

  • stan-dev/rstan(GitHub)

RStan is open-source licensed under the

Download Stan Statistics For Mac Osx

  • GNU Public License, version 3(Gnu).