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Download Torrent Using Terminal Mac

mbdayton posted that this no longer works in Tiger. I have the following working in 10.4.

I have this script: ~/bin/fus It is basically the same code as before but it can take a userid (501 for example) or username (unix short name in Mac parlance) as an argument. It also first checks to see if you are changing to the current user.

  • Oct 15, 2013.
  • Here we are going to use a application called rTorrent to download torrent via terminal and I am using Ubuntu Linux 13.04 distribution. Just follow the instructions step by step to download torrent via terminal. Instructions: 1.Open the Terminal. 2.Download rTorrent using the command in terminal in debian based systems. Sudo apt-get install.

Simple tutorial on how to download Torrent file using Linux terminal. Open Linux terminal 2. Install 'rtorrent' using the command in terminal For debian based systems:- sudo apt-get install.

Then I create a symlink to ~/bin/fus in ~/Library/Scripts: Now I can select 'Login Window' from the AppleScript menu to switch to a different user.

To be able to switch to some particular user without going through the Login Window first, I make this script too: ~/Library/Scripts/.fus It starts with a dot (.) so that it does not show-up in the AppleScript menu. If you make links to .fus it will call fus with whatever name you gave to the link. (Remember that you need to make both fus and .fus executable.)

Download Torrent Using Terminal MacDownload Torrent Using Terminal Mac

Now for every user that I want to be able to switch to directly from the AppleScript menu I do the following in the Terminal: Where 'foo' is the username of the user. It is very important that you make a hardlink instead of a symlink because for whatever reason when you run the script from the AppleScript menu the symlink is resolved to the .foo file and then the .foo script has no way of knowing which user to switch to.

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Then from the AppleScript menu I can choose 'foo' and up pops the panel asking for the user password.