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Download Us International Keyboard Mac

Download Us International Keyboard Mac

The United States-International keyboard layout for Windows

United States-International Keyboard. Loading the keyboard layout, please wait. United States-International Keyboard.

by Steven Marzuola

  • Do you work in English and in another language from western Europe? (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, ...)
  • Does your Windows computer have a US-style keyboard?
If you answered 'Yes' to both questions, you should use the 'UnitedStates-International' keyboardlayout.


  • It works in all Windowsprograms: email, Word, Excel, Paint, web browsers, and TM programs.
  • Non-English characters areproduced with little extra effort,many times equivalent to using a native language keyboard.
  • There isvery little memorization, no arbitrary numbers (e.g.compared to Alt-codes).
  • Most peoplecan leave it set at all times. It does notinterfere with working in English,except for one minor disadvantage (mentioned below). There's no reasonto switch back and forth with another keyboard.
  • The charactersshown on each key can still be obtained usingthat key. In other words, each key still produces its US Englishequivalent. If you install a Swedish, Spanish, or other keyboardlayout but retain the physical US keyboard, the characters producedby the keyboard will not match what is printed on the top of the keys.
  • Free, built into Windows. Nothing extra to buy ordownload.

How it works:

First,certain keys become 'prefix' or'dead' keys. It's similar to how accent marks are typed on mechanicaltypewriters.

'single quote
'double quote
`grave accent
^caret (Shift-6)
~tilde (Shift-`)

When followed by a letter that can take an accent mark, this sequencecreates the accented characters. Examples: á, ü,è, ô, ñ.

This may be confusing at first,because nothing isvisible on screen after the first key press.The combination character is not displayed until the second key ispressed to complete the sequence.

Ifthe next character does not take an accent mark, then the prefixsequence is aborted and two consecutiveordinarycharacters are obtained. For example: since there is no letter p with atilde~ on top,the key sequence ~ p will produce the separate characters ~p.

Second,the behavior of the right-hand 'Alt' key is modified. Hold the RightAltkey and press otherletter or number keys to obtain a wide variety of other letters andaccents. Some of them are duplicates ofthe 'prefix' combinations, others are new. Here are some of the lettersyou can obtain (the last ones use theShift key):

¡²³¤€¼½¾‘’äåé®þüúíóö«»áßðø´æ©ñµç¿ ÄÅÉÞ

How to get the new characters:

Us International Keyboard German

In this image, the regular keys/characters are shown in black. 'Dead'or 'prefix' keys are in blue, and the characters obtained with theShift-Right-Alt key (shown here as 'Alt-Gr', or 'Alt-Graphic') are inred. These are the uppercase versions.


Download Us International Keyboard Mac Os

Only two that I canthink of (in 20 years):

  • Microsoft makes this option hard to find!
  • If you want totype one of the “dead”characters: ' ` ' ^ ~ you can getunexpected results if the next character goes with that accent. Toavoid this, press a space immediately after such a keystroke.

Download Us International Keyboard Mac Download

How to install:

Us International Keyboard Mac

  • For Windows 10:
    Click Start, Settings, to open the 'Time &Language' window.
    On the left side, select 'Region &language'.
    At the bottom right, select 'Additional date,time, & regional settings'.
    On the right side, under 'Language', select'Change input methods'
    On the row that says, 'English (United States),select 'Options'
    Under 'Input method', select 'Add an inputmethod.'
    Search and click on the option, 'UnitedStates-International'. Then click 'Add'.
    (Optional, butrecommended). Under'Input method', on the row for 'US', click 'Remove'.
    Click 'Save', and close the settings windows.'
  • For Windows8
  • For WindowsXP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7