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Draytek Smart Vpn Mac Download

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DrayTek Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of SMB networking equipment, including VPN Routers, managed Switches, wireless AP, and management systems. Aug 09, 2020.

Thank you for using our Mac software portal. Unfortunately, there is no direct download for the Mac version of Smart VPN. To download the application, proceed to the App Store via the link below.

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In order to connect to a VPN Server, the router normally needs to have a public IP address routable from the Internet, for a Remote Dial-In User / Teleworker VPN Client to be able connect to it. A challenge in some environments is where the router has been provided with a private IPv4 address. This might be because the ISP uses Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) or because the router is not directly connected to the Internet and is operating behind another device.

Draytek Vpn Setup

DrayTek's VPN Matcher service provides a simple solution to this problem. Available on many new DrayTek UK routers running 3.9.2 firmware or later. VPN Matcher helps by registering each of the VPN devices that are behind the NAT to the VPN Matcher server and acting as a concierge to exchange the connection information to enable the two devices to communicate with each other. The VPN Matcher services cannot observe traffic, data, payload or access either router. It simply acts as a directory and exchange service to facilitate the configuration so that the correct information such as IP addresses and port numbers can be exchanged.

Draytek Smart Vpn Mac Download Software

This article describes steps needed to configure VPN Matcher account, DrayTek compatible router (firmware 3.9.2 or later is needed) and the client’s Smart VPN Client application (version 5.3.0 or later). The result would be a working VPN tunnel between VPN peers that are behind NAT.