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Free Mp4 Converter Download Mac

Download free version of all AVC Mac programs including Any DVD Converter for Mac, Any Video Converter Ultiamte for Mac, Any Video Converter Free for Mac, Any DVD Cloner for Mac. Gihosoft Free Video Converter. Gihosoft Free Video Converter is a free, versatile program that.

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Free Mp4 Converter Download Mac

The MP4 format is a very common and popular video format especially when it comes to sharing over the internet due to its small-sized files that are of very high quality and also compatible with almost any device you can think of. However, it suffers from the fact that it carries a limited number of components like video, audio, subtitles, and pictures in a single track which means that it will not be the most ideal format if you want to achieve more than that.

Avi to mp4 converter mac free download - iTool AVI To iPod Converter for MAC, Mac Free Any MP4 Converter, Mac Any MP4 Converter, and many more programs. The latest version of MacX Free DVD to MP4 Converter for Mac is 4.1 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Editors & Converters in the Audio & Video category. The app is developed by Digiarty Software, Inc. And its user rating is 4 out of 5.

Luckily, the MKV format is here to save the day as it provides unlimited support for video components in a single track. The MKV format will also offer better video and audio quality and is most ideal for storing HD video files. You get to wrap a video file even multiple language audio tracks and subtitles while at the same time maintaining a relatively smaller file at the end.

The process to convert MP4 to MKV requires to of the top tools that will be able to deliver the desired results. Actually, you will need either a comprehensive online or offline app, whether free or paid in order for the MP4 to MKV conversion process to happen seamlessly. The best MP4 to MKV converter software you are opened up to include;

6 Great Freeware to Convert MP4 To MKV Format in Windows 10 & MacOS – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
Windows/MacFull VersionFree Download
Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download
WindowsFree DemoFree Download
WindowsFull VersionFree Download
Windows/MacFree TrialFree Download

1. TalkHelper MP4 To MKV Converter(Recommended)

While the MP4 video format is limited to the number of tracks it can accommodate, converting it to the MKV format equivalent using TalkHelper MKV Converter sets you on a path where you can have an unlimited number of tracks in your video file. This program lets you in on this in a process that is pretty straightforward and hence will not pose a steep learning curve.

In fact, you will just be surprised to realize how simple it is to get around this amazing MP4 to MKV converter software. When you couple that with the ability to convert multiple files simultaneously and that conversions do not take long, you are definitely looking at the best MP4 to MKV converter app that points you in the most convenient direction.

Where most similar functioning tools lack the aesthetics of video conversion, TalkHelper dives in to kick the ball out of the park for you in a way akin to none other.

2. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab is very feature-rich when it comes to what you can achieve in the process to convert MP4 to MKV equivalent. You will get the option to output MKV files normally and even to specific devices like the iPad, iPhone, among others when the need arises.

You are welcomed by a simple and instinctive user interface through which you realize successful MP4 to MKV tasks. In fact, adding files can be done via the native file browsing method or simply via the drag-and-drop feature that goes further to facilitate batch MP4 to MKV conversion.

For those of us who love total control over the output, you will be able to tinker with various audio and video-specific options in the instance you do not want to go with the defaults. To make sure you do not mess up anything, there is a preview option that you can test changes before the actual conversion. For the subsequent conversions, you can reset the settings to start afresh and also decide on the directory where to save the output MKV video files.

3. Wondershare Video Converter

This is one of the best MP4 to MKV converter software that will actually perform a wonderful job for you just like the name suggests. Everything starts from the user interface that is accommodating enough to cater to first-time users. It works efficiently to deliver the output quickly and timely without any compromise on the quality.

To reiterate on the simplicity, you get to import MP4 files into this program via the much-coveted drag-and-drop feature that is neither tedious nor time-consuming. You also get the chance to output MKV files that are meant for specific devices and at the same time get to copy the file directly into the target device without leaving the app.

You will also be opened up to video editing options in order to tweak the MKV file even further to ensure it meets your standards. Better yet, it is available for free download on Mac and Windows to ensure that no one is left out in this wave. All the features cannot be exhausted here but rest assured that it is a worthy MP4 to MKV converter program.

4. Prism Video Converter

NCH Software brings you this free version app available for download on both Mac and Windows platforms to aid in converting MP4 to MKV in a reliable way. This offline MKV converter will not only just convert the MP4 file for you but will also apply video compression on the final MKV file to make it take up less disk space.

The process is very simple and straightforward with only 3 steps to undertake in order to accomplish the task at hand. You have the option to personalize the video with your preferred watermark and on top of that get the chance to preview how the final MKV file will look like even before you commence the process to change MP4 to MKV.

This will come in handy to avoid unnecessary editing tasks later on. Various video effects are at your disposal besides the option to directly convert MP4 files from the web without the need to download them first. This is nothing less than the best MP4 to MKV converter app.

Mts to mp4 converter free download mac

5. Freemake Video Converter

Besides converting MP4 files to specific device formats, the Freemake Video Converter app is here to make your MP4 files even smaller by transforming them into MKV format all for free offline use. It has proven to be one of the best MP4 to MKV converter programs especially when you consider that it can pull MP4 files directly from popular hosting sites like YouTube and deliver it in a more compact file format like MKV that occupies lesser storage.

This tool to convert MP4 to MKV will also let you add subtitles before you output the final file and even provide you with a way to upload the MKV files directly to YouTube for convenience. Better yet, you are opened up to some video editing options to help tweak the video. Moreover, the user interface is crafted in an interactive way to make sure that you get started easily and get to enjoy fast MP4 to MKV conversion without compromising on the quality.

Mpg To Mp4 Converter Free Download Mac

6. VLC Media Player

Video Converter To Mp4 Free Download Mac

VLC is one of the most popular cross-platform media players for both Windows and Mac that happens to be open-source and free to download. Besides media playback, it has the capability to change MP4 to MKV in a very simple way. As an offline MP4 to MKV conversion software, you get the chance to browse for the MP4 files from the local storage and if the target file lives on the web, you can just obtain its URL and input it in the designated area on VLC.

Mp4 Converter Free Download Music

Even if you are working to process a big file, there will be no limit to obtaining that MKV file at the end. Actually, VLC is a pretty powerful MKV converter app that will deliver smaller file sizes and still maintain the original high-quality video. You are given the freedom to tinker with the video and audio codec profile to work with to achieve the desired results. At the same time, you get to specify the directory where the final MKV files should be saved.

Depending on why you want to have an MKV file from an MP4 file, these tools are comprehensive enough to get you exactly what you desire. You will either download the offline version program or access the services of an online program in order to change MP4 to MKV in a very hassle-free process.

Free Mkv To Mp4 Converter Download Mac

Better yet, you will not be discriminated against no matter the platform you are using as you will be able to identify with one that laces your shoes best either on Windows or Mac. Which program have you settled for in the end? What has made it tick when compared to the other solutions?