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How To Download Pip3 Mac

Prerequisite:Python Language Introduction
Before we start with how to install pip for Python on macOS, let’s first go through the basic introduction to Python. Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently.

I was essentially just trying to import a module for my python3 installation, but found it was not installed. Typically, you should be able to install it via PIP (PIP3 in Mac case so it would install to 3.x version instead of built-in 2.x version). Pip is a tool for installing and managing Python packages. As well as Python, pip can be install on various operation systems: Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. In this post i am showing how to install pip on MacOS and how to install pip on Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS). Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Jobs Programming & related technical career opportunities; Talent Recruit tech talent & build your employer brand; Advertising Reach developers & technologists worldwide; About the company.

PIP is a package management system used to install and manage software packages/libraries written in Python. These files are stored in a large “on-line repository” termed as Python Package Index (PyPI).

pip uses PyPI as the default source for packages and their dependencies. So whenever you type:

pip will look for that package on PyPI and if found, it will download and install the package on your local system.

Download and Install pip:

pip can be downloaded and installed using command-line by going through the following steps:

Mac Pip3 Install

  • Download the file and store it in the same directory as python is installed.
    Use the following command to download pip directly,
  • Now execute the downloaded file using below command

    and wait through the installation process.

  • Voila! pip is now installed on your system.

Verification of the Installation process:

One can easily verify if the pip has been installed correctly by performing a version check on the same. Just go to the command line and execute the following command:

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  • Download and run the PIP IIIprogram for Windows at this link:

PIP III User's Guide

Starting the PIP III program
  • Launch the file 'pip3.exe' to run the program and start answeringquestions. If you click on the link above, you may need to accept securityprompts first, in order to run it. It's recommended to save the file somewherelocally (such as to your Windows desktop) instead of just running it out ofyour Downloads folder, so that you have easier access to the results files itgenerates.
  • The PC PIP III runs only on Windows. Those without access to a Windowscomputer will have to use a PC or find some way to run PC programs, such as:
  • There is no Macintosh version of the PIP III at this time. Mac users canrun PC programs within an PC emulator, with examples listed at:

Setting Display Properties

  • If you want to change the screen properties, right click anywhere in thetop bar of the window to open the context sensitive menu, then select'Properties'. You can then select text size, text font, and textcolor. For example, if you want indigo text on a gold background, you can haveit.
  • Inside screen properties you can also make the window taller so it has morerows of text. You can also just click on the bottom edge of the window and dragto make more rows visible. (Some of the later parts of the test list a lot ofthings on the screen at once.)
  • The PC PIP III runs inside a windows command prompt. That means all newtext is displayed at the bottom of the window, and you type your responses atthe bottom of the window too. Old text scrolls off the top, similar to atexting chat window on your smartphone. Scrollbars on the command prompt windowcan be used to view text that has disappeared off the top of the screen.


  • The PIP III test is long, and contains 345 questions. The test is in fourparts. Part 1 (Demographics) has 27 questions, Part 2 (Statements) has 141questions answered for 'now' and 'formerly'. Part 3(Highest Aspirations) has one select 13 aspirations for 'now' and'formerly'. Part 4 (Traits to Transform) has one select 5 traits for'now' and 'formerly'. Altogether there are 27 + 141x2 +13x2 + 5x2 = 345 questions total.
  • Note that when answering the statements in Part 2, you can answer both'formerly' and 'now' for a statement at the same time. Forexample, entering '12' means Definitely True for 'formerly'and Usually True for 'now'. This is a slight shortcut, because doing'12<enter>' is one less keystroke compared to doing'1<enter>2<enter>'. You can ignore this option, but somemay find it convenient when going through all 141 statements.


  • If you exit the program part way through, it will remember your progressthe next time you start the program. There is no manual 'save'command, because it happens automatically.
  • If you restart the program with a partially completed test, it will tellyou so, and place you at the first unanswered question.
  • If you start the program after having completed the entire test, it willtell you so as well, and place you at the beginning if you want to review allyour responses.
  • The name of the save file is 'pip3.sav', and its contents areidentical to what gets e-mailed to us at the end. This file gets automaticallyloaded when you start pip3.exe, and you shouldn't double click on pip3.sav totry to load it.
  • Two people can be part way through taking the test on the same computer, iftheir save files are kept separate. One way to do this is to temporarily copypip3.sav when a new person wants to start taking the test, and then copy yourown save file back when you want to continue. However, an easier method is tojust download a second copy of pip3.exe and place it in a different Windowsfolder, so that it will have its own pip3.sav file in a separate location.


The PIP III test has several commands which can be entered at any time inplace of an answer while running the PC PIP. Type the name of a command andthen press <enter> to invoke it:

  • ENTER: Not typing anything and just pressing <enter> for aquestion will stop with the warning to 'please enter something' ifyou haven't already answered that question yet. If you have already answeredthat question, then it will keep the old value (and give you a notice of theold value it's using). This makes it easy to review responses, because you canjust back up, and then hold down the <enter> key to browse through allyour answers.
  • UNDO: Takes the user back to the previously answered question.Revisiting old responses (such as with the 'undo' command) willdisplay that you answered that question before, and also show how you answeredit. This makes it easy to review responses.
  • BACK, NEXT: The 'back' and 'next' commands willtake you backward or jump you forward that many questions in the currentsection. For example, 'back3' to backup and review the previous threequestions, or 'next 10' to skip the next ten questions.
  • GOTO: The 'goto' command will jump directly to thestatement in question. For example, 'goto109' or 'goto 109'to jump to statement #109.
  • PART: The 'part' command will jump to the start of themajor section in question. For example, 'part1' for intro questions,'part 2' for statements, 'part3' for Highest Aspirations,and 'part 4' for Traits to Transform.
  • LATEST: The 'latest' command will jump to the firstunanswered question. If you've answered all questions, then the program willproceed to display results. If you reach the end of the test and haven'tanswered all questions yet, then this command will be done automatically.
  • RESTART: The 'restart' command will restart the test fromscratch, clearing all previous responses and deleting the autosave file. Usewith caution!
  • HELP: The 'help' command will list all these commands.

Output Files

After completing the last question in the test, the program will generateyour results in the following files:

  • HTML: An HTML format results file 'pip3.htm' will becreated and automatically displayed in your default browser (e.g. GoogleChrome). The pip3.htm file itself will be created in the same folder that youdownloaded pip3.exe into, which by default is something like 'C:UsersYourAccountDownloads'.
  • Text: A plain text version of the results will be created in thefile 'pip3.txt'. This file won't be automatically displayed, but itmay be used with Excel, described below.
  • E-mail: An e-mail message containing your raw answers should appearin your default e-mail program (e.g. Outlook). Please take a moment to clickthe 'send' button to send this message to us. If for some reason thise-mail message doesn't appear, then please e-mail us your HTML results file, orrather just the section of text from it at the very end between the'[begin section of text to e-mail us]' and the '[end section oftext to e-mail us]' markers. Send it to: [email protected]

PIP III and Excel

Users have the option to display their PIP III report with desktop qualitygraphics. This requires access to Microsoft Excel.

  • Download the PIP III extensionfor Excel at this link:

After you complete the PIP III test, a plain text file called'pip3.txt' will be produced in the PIP III program directory. Thisfile must be imported into the pip3.xlsx file. To import the pip3.txt file:

  1. Open the pip3.xlsx spreadsheet file in Excel.
  2. Select 'Data / Refresh All'.
  3. You will be prompted to select pip3.txt. Navigate to the folder containingyour pip3.txt and select it.
  4. The vertical bar graphs and other content on the 'graphics' tabwill be updated to reflect the numbers and content in pip3.txt.



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