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Lync For Business Mac Download

Please note: Skype for Business is currently available only to UO employees. Skype for business caches files locally on your PC or Mac to pull information quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you may need to clear your cache to resolve specific issues. This article explains how to clear your cache on your PC or Mac.

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This page contains installation instructions for Skype for Business for Mac.

System Requirements

Make sure your computer will support Skype for Business:

  • OS X El Capitan (10.11), macOS Sierra (10.12), macOS High Sierra (10.13), or macOS Mojave (10.14)
  • Skype for Business 16.22 or newer is required for macOS Mojave
  • Outlook Mac build 15.27 (161010) or newer required for Outlook integration
  • Make sure your computer is fully patched with security and software updates.
  • Recommended hardware configurations are described on the Recommended Computer Configurations page.
If you previously had the Mac Lync 2011 client installed, you should perform a clean uninstall of the Lync before installing Skype for Business. Instructions for this can be found at

Where to Download

Microsoft Lync Mac

If your computer is supported by the Endpoint Services Group, you can download Skype for Business by following the instructions at Endpoint Services, Munki, Installing Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is available as an individual download from the WebStore at or from Microsoft at

Update Skype for Business BEFORE First Use

Important updates for Skype for Business are sometimes released after Microsoft creates the Skype for Business installation package.

Use Microsoft AutoUpdate on your Mac to keep your Office software up-to-date. You can manually check for updates by opening the Skype for Business client, then going to Help > Check for Updates

Signing In

Lync For Business Mac Download Software

How to use Skype for Business on Mac

On Skype for Business, Outlook, Training available, you can learn about upcoming UC training workshops, online training resources, and other tools.

The Microsoft Skype for Business help center can be found at:

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A Skype meeting is a scheduled Skype audio call (to which video can be added if desired). To join, click the link in the meeting invitation you received, open the meeting on your calendar, or join through the Skype for Business client.

Cornell Office 365 Users

Lync for business mac download free

There are several ways to join a Skype Meeting.

  • Join through the Skype for Business client.
    Click the icon. The events from your Office 365 calendar will be displayed. For Skype meetings, login links are shown on the right. Click the appropriate link.
  • Click the link in the meeting invitation you received.
  • Open the meeting on your calendar (in Outlook or Outlook on the Web), then click the link.

Lync Client For Mac

Click .

On the Sign in page (solid red on the left side), enter your [email protected] address in the first field, then tab out of the field or click in the second field. You'll see a note 'We're taking you to your organization's sign-in page,' then you'll see the Cornell University Federated Login page.

Sign in using your [email protected] address and password.

If you do not have the Skype for Business desktop app installed, when the time for the meeting arrives, click the link in the invitation you received. The Skype for Business Web App Sign In page will open in your browser, follow the instructions provided to install the web app (if needed) and join the meeting.

The Skype for Business Web App will open, with controls similar to those available in a Skype voice call.