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Mac Dre Get Loud Download

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Andre Hicks (July 5, 1970 - November 1, 2004), better known by his stage name, Mac Dre, was a Bay Area based gangsta rapper from the Crest side of Vallejo, California, active since 1988 and considered one of the predecessors of the hyphy movement. During his career in the rap world, he worked with artists like Andre Nickatina, Yukmouth, Snoop Dogg, Mac Mall, Dubee and Keak da Sneak.

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Get Stupid

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Mac Dre Top Songs

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Get Stupid Mac Dre

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Mac Dre Get Loud Download


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This song hits the spot I kill the blunts with my allies ya know what I mean?

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Mac Dre Get Loud Download Free

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Mac Dre Get Loud Lyrics

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Youtube Mac Dre

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Mac Dre Get Loud Download Mp3


Lyrics to Get Loud
When I got to the spot it wasn't even crowded
Made a few phone calls now we all bout it, bout it
Wit it, wit it, hella fitted, punk rock better quite it
Got one pill left and she askin me to split it
I aint wit it, where I'm goin?
Bitch Why?
Have you ever had X O in your eye?
Bitch why, die, choke on suffa
My niggas in da back trynna smoke on suffa
Fa sho gone stuff a, dub in da wood
Now it's me, MD, PSD and Shoog
I'm feelin' good, UGH, got a hoe on jock
I think she on puss to, maybe not
Baby cock, nineteen, wit her own spot
and a day wit Dre, I'll have her on robot
It don't stop, I'm a mack and I'm proud, I go wild get hyphy, get loud
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