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Mac Outlook Download Address Book

Mar 21, 2016. Resolution To resolve this issue, install the 14.3.2 update for Outlook for Mac 2011. How To Download Address Book In Outlook 2011 For Mac. Access the ADS Global Address List in Microsoft Outlook for Mac OS X If you are using Microsoft Outlook to access your, you have access to the (GAL). For configuration details, see. Outlook for Mac has 2 address lists in Address Book: Accountname Directory: Offline cached copy of the address list. Due to the nature of the Exchange server, this might not show the recent changes made to the Global Address List; Directory LDAP: Allows to perform online Global Address list lookups. Outlook 2016 Mac Download Address Book Rating: 9,3/10 8090 reviews I might have a problem with my Offline Deal with Book in View. For me, fresh colleagues are usually not displaying up and the contact pictures aren't showing possibly. Download address book in Outlook 2010 and 2013 In Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013, you can easily download the offline address book of your Exchange account with following steps. Step 1: Select any folder of Exchange account in the Navigation Pane, and then click the Send/Receive Groups Download Address Book on the Send / Receive tab.

Communication is important in any business. Be it large scale companies or start-ups, they need to be touch with their clients, suppliers, legal counsel and so on. These companies need to maintain their contact numbers address and email addresses. Though a regular address book is efficient and can be used by small businesses, the larger ones do need advanced and efficient contact management software. The below-mentioned address book software have impressive features and are efficient at the same time.


Full Customize Address Book

This is an efficient address management program, using which the user can add the fields required for their address book and also remove those fields that are unused. The order of the fields can also be changed along with the size and the location. The software also has the input facility using which the contacts can be added quickly. The software comes with features that are Printable – printing contact list and details are quite easy using the same. The contacts can also be imported from XLS, VCF, and MDB files.

Stat Trak Address Manager

If you are looking for address book software that has an easy interface, then the StatTrak Address Manager is uncomplicated and easy to understand, using which the user can save the data. The software can also be used for printing envelopes and accumulating the addresses. Because of the alphabetical listing of the entries, it becomes easy to search. It even allows segregating the addresses based on the address type. You can categorize the contacts by creating your own custom address types like family or friends or business.

Address Book Software

The Address Book Software is not only effective but it is also visually attractive. This is a powerful software that eases out the task of managing and storing contacts. The software has a retro look and has a number of features which makes your task of storing addresses easy. The software has printing features and it is also easy to locate contacts by using the alphabetic tabs.

Free Address Book

Free Address Book for Windows is a freeware that is ideal for professionals who wish to organize their address book in an efficient way. All the details of the contacts like the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, company name, countries and much more can be added and stored using this Free Address Book. One can choose this software if they are in look out for digital address book software, free download.

Efficient Address Book

Efficient Address Book application for android helps users to manage a number of contacts with ease. Users can choose from the 10 unusual modes of interface. The free address book has various features like organizing groups and reminders. It is also easy to search for a contact and is also easy to sync across other mobile phones or computers.

Full Contact for Mac

FullContact is an efficient address book application for Mac users. The application has some amazing features which make it stand apart from the rest. The application shows a complete view of the contacts and users can also view the social profiles as well as the job titles and locations of the contacts. Users can also create and sync the tags created across various devices.

Popular – Custom Address book

Custom Address book software is simple and secure and one of the most popular address book software. This software is password protected and is flexible too. It can be used across various operating systems. The software is unique and has also won awards for the same. It enables users to define their own address fields. One of the other advantages of this Custom Addressbook software is that this program is Portable – you can run from USB drive. You can also seeEmail Validation Software

What is Address Book Software?

Efficient Address book software helps to save time which can be used for various other important tasks in your daily routine. So, if you wish to save time and store your contacts in an efficient way, choose the software which best suits your need and get going.

Mac Outlook Download Address Book

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Transporting or moving/copying/importing/exporting Outlook Contacts or Address Book is quite frequently required and is often a tricky task to complete. To successfully achieve it with all data intact, one needs to properly understand what the process is all about and know exactly what settings to use.

This article will serve as a guide for all those who wish to understand what the Outlook Address Book (OAB) is and how to move it between computers.

Outlook Address Book – The Basics

Mac Outlook Download Address Bookman

Each Windows PC that has Microsoft Outlook installed has a default OAB that consolidates all the Outlook Contacts folders. Contrary to general perception, the OAB is not a physical address book but is a virtual concept. It is a highly customized “View” of the Contacts folder or in other words, the OAB is just a representation of underlying Contacts folders. It is hence NOT a standalone entity and should not be thought of as such. Microsoft Outlook also doesn’t save the OAB as a file that is separate from your data store. On a local machine, the presence of the OAB is termed as a Personal Address Book (PAB). In contrast to the OAB, the PAB is a physical address book that is saved on the disk by Outlook and it is separate from your data store.

Now that we’re through with the basics, let’s get straight to the main focus of this article, that is, moving /copying the OAB and exporting / importing it.

How to copy PAB (physical OAB) to another computer

The PAB file has an extension .pab and it is created as soon as you add it to your email profile. To copy it to another computer:

  1. In Outlook Tools menu, click on E-mail Accounts -> Directory -> View or change existing directories or address books -> Next.
  2. Under “You can choose a directory or address book below to change or remove it”, click Personal Address Book -> Change. Copy the path of your PAB file that is in the “Path” box.
  3. Quit Outlook and any associated email programs and open Windows Explorer.
  4. In the address bar of Windows Explorer, paste the path of the PAB file you copied in step 2.
  5. You’ll find the PAB file in the folder that opens. From here you can select and copy the PAB file to another computer via any appropriate media. If the source and target computer are on the same network, you can even paste the PAB file in a shared folder and access it from the target computer.

How to Export Outlook Address Book

Exporting the Outlook Address Book from Outlook 2010:

  1. Launch Outlook 2010 and click File -> Options.
  2. An “Outlook Options” window will open, click Advanced -> Export.
  3. An “Import and Export Wizard” window will open, select ‘Export to a file’ and then click on Next.
  4. An “Export to a file” window will open, select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and then click on Next.
  5. Under “Select folder to export from:” click on ‘Contacts’ and then click on Next.
  6. Under “Save exported file as” click Browse to select a destination folder. Thereafter type the target file name and click on OK.
  7. Click on Next. Confirm that the “Export Contacts from folder: Contacts” option is checked. If you wish, you can click on “Map Custom Fields” to individually select the contact fields that you wish to export.
  8. Lastly to complete the process, click on Finish.

Exporting theOutlook Address Book from Outlook 2013:

  1. Launch Outlook 2013 and click File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. An “Import/Export wizard” will open, click on ‘Export to a file’ and then click on Next.
  3. An “Export to a file” window will open, select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and then click on Next.
  4. Under “Select folder to export from:” click on ‘Contacts’ and then click on Next.
  5. Under “Save exported file as” click Browse to select a destination folder. Thereafter type the target file name and click on OK.
  6. Click on Next. Confirm that the “Export Contacts from folder: Contacts” option is checked If you wish, you can click on “Map Custom Fields” to individually select the contact fields that you wish to export.
  7. Lastly to complete the process, click on Finish.

Note: It is important to remember that through this process individual contacts in the address book will be exported but contact groups will not. They will have to be recreated at the target location.

How to Import Outlook Address Book

Outlook Contact data stored in a file system or spread sheet (CSV) can be easily imported into another Outlook client. The columns and fields can be mapped flexibly during the import. Here are the steps to import Contacts from a CSV file or Excel sheet into Outlook:

  1. Launch Outlook and click File -> Import and Export.
  2. An “Import/Export wizard” will open, click on ‘Import from another program or file’ and then click on Next.
  3. An “Import from a file” window will open, select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and then click on Next.
  4. Under “Select file to import from:” click Browse to select the desired file.
  5. Check “Do not import duplicate items” and click on Next.
  6. Select the Outlook folder where you want to import the Contacts (typically your Contacts folder). Click on Next.
  7. Click on “Map Custom Fields” and map all columns from the CSV to the desired fields in the OAB.
    • New mappings can be created by dragging the column title to the desired field.
    • Previous mappings of the same column are thus replaced by new ones.
  8. Click on OK and lastly to complete the process, click on Finish.

To sum it up

No task is difficult if you have the adequate knowledge about it. Just follow the above mentioned steps and perform all operations with the Outlook Address Book (OAB) successfully.