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Mac Secure Browser Nbme Download

Get Firefox, a free web browser backed by Mozilla, a non-profit dedicated to internet health and privacy. Available now on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The NBME Exams will be given using a secure browser you will load onto your personal laptop at the start of the exam. The NBME requires that each examinee perform a compatibility test with your laptop three days prior to the exam. This process is called a Workstation Certification. The latest version of NBME Mac Secure Browser is 9.2 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for the General category. The app is developed by com.testsys.

Students will use their laptop computers or iPads to take many of the exams in the Geisel MD program. The Year 1 and 2 courses are transitioning to the ExamSoft assessment system for final exams and some quizzes. In Years 3 and 4 the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) subject exams (clerkship shelf exams) are delivered using the NBME's web-based assessment system. Canvas, the web-based learning management system, is also used routinely for quizzing. The guides below provide details on using For quizzes and exams using these systems, Geisel Computing provides in-room technical support and can supply loaner laptops to students if the need should arise.


  • Setting Up Examplify
    1. Download Examplify
      • iPad (Help with iPad download)
        1. Open the App Store app and search for Examplify.
        2. Get and open the Examplify app.
        3. Allow Examplify to access your photos (ExamSoft does not look at your photos; it only logs any screenshots taken during an exam.)
      • Mac and Windows (Help with laptop download: Mac, Windows)
        1. Go to
        2. In the 'Exam Takers' area, click Login then enter your Dartmouth NetID and password.
        3. Click the blue Download button.
        4. Mac: Open the downloaded Examplify_1.0.0_mac.dmg file and then the Examplify_SIGNED.pkg file.
        5. Windows: Open the downloaded Examplify_1.0.0_win.exe file.
        6. Follow the installation instructions.
    2. Once Examplify starts, enter DartmouthMed in the Institution ID field.
    3. On the resulting Dartmouth Web Authentication page, enter your Dartmouth NetID and password, and click Sign In.
  • Starting an Exam
    1. Close other applications on your laptop and iPad, saving work if necessary.
    2. Start the Examplify app.
    3. Log in with your NetID and Dartmouth password if prompted to do so.
    4. A list of exams available for download will appear. Download the exam.
    5. iPad users: Go into Airplane mode so that wifi is off; Bluetooth can be on for keyboard use. (For laptop users, Examplify will automatically turn off your wifi.)
    6. Enter the exam password.
    7. Enter the requested sequence to verify that you are really ready to take the exam.
    8. Start answering questions.
  • Taking an Exam
    • Follow these online tutorials
  • Ending An Exam
    1. After you have completed your quiz or exam, choose 'Submit Exam' from the Exam Menu.
    2. Click 'Close Exam'. The wifi on laptops will be restarted automatically.
    3. iPad: Disable Airplane mode to turn wifi on again. Tap Next once wifi is connected.
    4. You will see a green screen with a check mark after your answer file has been uploaded. You are finished!

The tutorial and sample exam here is identical to the Secure Browser version. Solve Common NBME Problems If your laptop does not pass the NBME certification test, this means one or more processes are running on the laptop that the NBME deems unacceptable.


NBME Exams

  • NBME Web-based Examination Overview
    NBME Subject (Shelf) Exams
    • Inpatient Medicine
    • Surgery
    • Psychiatry
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Family Medicine
    • Neurology
  • Certify Your Laptop for NBME Exams
    1. Use a Mac or Windows laptop. (iPads will not work.)
      • View video for Mac Workstation Certification.
    2. Go to and download the Secure Browser
    3. Turn off ALL applications running on you computer
    4. Run the Secure Browser Application
      • Mac users may need to grant permission for the application to run. Go to System Preferences > Personal > Security and Privacy > General and select 'Allow Applications from Anywhere'. You can change this back after the test.
    5. Test your laptop for 'certification' by clicking the 'Workstation Certification' icon.
    6. Select the Examinee Personal Laptop Certification link. The utility will test the laptop for compatibility with web based testing.
      • If the test is successful, you will be allowed to launch a sample exam as the final step to familiarize yourself with the examination software.
      • If the test is not successful, you will get an alert panel. Do NOT attempt the workstation certification more than twice. You will need to work with Geisel Computing Support to close any processes running on your laptop that the NBME software objects to (e.g. screen capturing software). To do this please come to the exam at least one half hour before the exam is schedule to begin. You can still try a non-secure version of the test to gain familiarity. To do this:
        • Go to
        • Click on 'Sample Assessment' on the left. The tutorial and sample exam here is identical to the Secure Browser version.
  • Solve Common NBME Problems
    If your laptop does not pass the NBME certification test, this means one or more processes are running on the laptop that the NBME deems unacceptable. You can work with Geisel Computing Support and the guides below to identify and resolve any such problems. Do NOT attempt the workstation certification more than twice.
    • Fixing Windows Issues
      Use the Windows Task Manager to disable offending processes. Often these processes the result of web camera software or a recording service that can cause a conflict with the NBME secure browser. Some examples are 'vcamsvc.exe', 'uArcCapture.exe', 'YouCamService.exe', 'VideoWebCamera.exe', and 'WebcamSplitterServer.exe'.
      • Start Task Manager. Here are three ways:
        • Right-click on the taskbar, and then click 'Start Task Manager.'
        • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
        • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
      • In Task Manager, click the 'Processes' tab and the 'Show processes from all users' button or checkbox at the bottom of the Task Manager window.
      • Search for the offending process/processes in Task Manager.
      • Select the process in Task Manager and click 'End Process.' Alternately you can investigate how to set the program so that is does not load at startup.
      • If ending the process is unsuccessful you may have to uninstall the program using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. The offending program/recording service came may have come with a software bundle from the laptop manufacturer and may not be necessary for day-to-day usage.
      • Run the NBME certification process again.
      Turn off Windows updates and virus scanned updates.
    • Fixing Mac Issues
      Make sure all applications are off, including Preview, Chrome, DropBox, MS Office, and video calling applications. Open the Activity Monitor application to quit persistent processes.
      • Start Activity Monitor by pressing command+spacebar and typing 'Activity Monitor' in Spotlight.
      • In Activity Monitor, select the 'All Processes' from the View Menu if not already selected.
      • Search particularly for Preview and for ImageCaptureExtension.
      • If either of these are found, select them and click the 'Quit Process' button. Quit both if both are found, Preview first.
      • Run the NBME certification process again.
    If your laptop still fails the NBME certification, contact Geisel Computing for more assistance. Loaner laptops will always be available for exams in the event that a student's laptop cannot be used with the NBME software. If a malfunction occurs in the middle of an exam, the best option is to notify the proctor and quite the Secure Browser (Ctrl-Shift-Q). Your exam answers and current location will be saved. The Geisel Computing staff will substitute a loaner laptop allowing you to resume taking the exam where you left off.

Aquifer Pediatrics Clerkship Exam

Mac secure browser nbme download windows 10
  • PEDS Clerkship Web-based Examination Overview
    In the Pediatrics Clerkship, the final exam uses the Aquifer examination system. You can use either a Windows or Mac laptop. (iPads will not work.) For this exam, you will need to download two items:
    1. The Safe Exam Browser.
    2. A start-up file, Aquifer_Exam_Portal_v1.seb.
    Instructions and links for downloading these files can be found at


Geisel Computing Support

Geisel Computing: 603-650-1600 For issues with laptops or iPads, Dartmouth account access, or network connectivity: [email protected] To reserve a loaner laptop for an exam: [email protected] For Canvas-related issues: [email protected]

NBME Workstation Certification Common Known Issues

Prior to the testing date, download and perform the Workstation Certification Test on your computer you'll be testing on by visiting and downloading the secure browser. Click on Workstation Certification, and the Examinee Personal Laptop Certification Link.

Here you will find more in depth information about common known issues to avoid and how to resolve prior to completing the Workstation Certification and on the exam day.

Windows Users

The built-in web camera and other recording programs most known to cause issues with the secure browser are:

YouCamTray.exe, youcamservice.exe, cam-helper, vcamsvc.exe, webcamspliterserver.exe, webcamservice.exe, or similar processes with camera wording.

Generally these services were installed by the original manufacturer and aren't used or never have been needed. Some of the software packages can be found that contain offending services are: Lenovo Utilities, IBM ThinkVantage, and ArcSoft. If unsure, search the exe file or contact technical support.

To look for these processes prior to running the secure browser, you can open up the Task Manager window by using the pressing and holding the keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Delete and selecting Task Manager.

Look under the tabs Processes, Details and Services. Select the process if running and end it so that it is not running by selecting End Task or right clicking to End Task, or set the program so it does NOT run at the start-up of your computer.

If you need to uninstall a program go to the Control Panel located in the Windows Start Panel, or press the Windows Key, and select Uninstall a Program under Programs. You may need to restart your computer after uninstalling a program./p>

If you find no services running and/or have ended any that may have been running, run the secure browser and complete the workstation certification and fill out the Google Form that you were either successful or not.

Mac Secure Browser Nbme Download Windows 10

Macintosh Users

Please quit all applications, including the browser after you've downloaded the Secure Browser from the NBME site. Macintosh users will also need to uninstall the Citrix Receiver application prior to running the check and on the test day. The instructions to uninstall and reinstall are very simple and described below. You will need to do this prior to every exam.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Citrix Receiver

  1. Open the DMG file used to install Citrix, CitrixReceiver.dmg, or re-download it from Citrix' Website.
  2. Double click on the dmg file, and select Uninstall Citrix Receiver.
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your computers password
  6. A confirmation will appear that it has been uninstalled. To simply reinstall it after the test, double click on the dmg and select Install Citrix Receiver and follow the short installation steps. Remember you will need to do this prior to every exam.

Quitting Image Capture Extension

Mac Secure Browser Nbme Download Version

The most common known issue other than Citrix for Mac is a process running that the NBME thinks is capturing images is called Image Capture Extension. Below are the steps to resolve the Image Capture Extension process.

Mac Secure Browser Nbme Downloads

  1. Run the Activity Monitor application located in your Applications folder inside the Utilities folder, or search spotlight and type in Activity Monitor and press Return.
  2. Look for Image Capture Extension in the list of process names.
  3. If found running, use the force quit feature in Activity Monitor to end the process (the X icon in the upper left of the monitor)
  4. Launch the secure browser and complete the workstation certification
  5. After you've completed the workstation certification please fill out the Google Form indicating whether successful or need technical assistance.