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Octave Free Download For Mac

  1. Mac; Android APK; Linux; News & reviews. 53,626 downloads Updated: May 25, 2020 GPLv3. Review Free Download. Octave provides a command line approach for the applications.
  2. Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive datafile (text or binary) and function plotting utility for UNIX, IBM OS/2, MS Windows, DOS, Apple Mac, VMS, Atari and many other platforms. The software is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it).

GNU Octave for Mac. 16,566 downloads Updated: February 11, 2020 GPL / Donationware. Review Free Download changelog 100% FREE report malware.

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  • Alois Virtual Keyboard v.1.0Alois VirtualKeyboard 1.0 is developed to be a helpful and beneficial program which makes it possible for you to replace a real keyboard and mouse including dozens of special characters and letters of the main European languages.Requirements:Intel ...
  • Java Virtual Keyboard v.011This project is a highly configurable Virtual Unicode Keyboard written in Java. You might want to use it to type some words in a foreign character set with your ...
  • RabtPad Pre v.04RabtPad Pre 04 is created to be a comprehensive and highly configurable unicode and Java based text editor which is suitable for arabic based scripts including Urdu and Farsi. RabtPad comes with support for virtualkeyboard for not latin scripts on ...
  • Florence v.0.5.3Florence is an extensible scalable on-screen virtualkeyboard for GNOME that stays out of your way when not needed. You need it if you can't use a real keyboard either because of a handicap, broken keyboard or tablet PC but you can use a pointing ...
  • RabtPad v.1.0RabtPad is a configurable unicode and Java based text editor for arabic based scripts including Urdu and Farsi with virtualkeyboard for non latin scripts on latin based systems, export to pdf, rtf, html and plain text (later xml).
  • Proloquo v.2.0Proloquo 2.0 is considered to be a helpful and convenient text-to-speech full OS impairment application. Proloquo is a multi-purpose, multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X.Major Features: A full-fledged communication system (AAC) for people who ...
  • VisioVoice v.1.1VisioVoice 1.1 is released to be a good-quality and helpful application that enhances access to Mac OS X for blind and vision impaired users. It adds multilingual support to Apples excellent VoiceOver screen reader technology for a number of ...
  • Rondo for Mac OS v.2009r1This is unique among MIDI players as it has been specifically designed to help non-score reading musicians follow a piece of music as it plays. Rondo can make learning to play a piece of music much easier by showing which notes should be played on a ...
  • Prodatum for Mac OS X v.0.42.15A free, cross-platform patch editor for the E-MU Proteus 2000 sample based synthesizer family. Written in C++, using FLTK for it's user-interface and portmidi for MIDI communications, prodatum classic is available for Linux, MacOS X and Windows. It ...
  • Guitar Pro 6 Trial Version v.6.1.2Guitar Pro 6: Tablature editor and player for guitars (Win/Mac/Linux).
  • Notebook PEA v.1.3NotebookPEA is a simple text editor to protect private notes with a password in real-time encryption. The text can be basically formatted and stored in the cloud. Integrity and confidentiality are achieved by an authenticated encryption mode.
  • Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard for Mac OS v.0.3.3A MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesnt produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer (either hardware or software, internal or external). You can use the computers keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse.
  • Automator Virtual Input for Mac OS v.3.0Extends Apples Automator automation program to give it control over the keyboard and mouse cursor. Automator Virtual Input allows Automator to access anything you can by simulating mouse clicks, movement and drags along with keyboard key presses.
  • Flash Virtual Piano v.1.0A virtual piano in flash. Play and record music with the mouse or keyboard.
  • Virtual band v.9Virtual band online flash online flash. Virtual band online flash online flash. Listen and recognize note free online music flash game.
  • Virtual Spam Prevention v. spam, not mail. Experience a new breed of spam-fighting mail gateways, that consider outbreak behaviour rather than content. They also protects against phising, viruses, zombie attacks and outgoing distributions. VSP , the virtual machine spam ...
  • Virtual TimeClock Pro for Mac OS v.10R2Easy to use employee time clock software that you’ll have up and running in just a few minutes. When you need power and flexibility, Virtual TimeClock’s advanced features take the work out of your employee time and attendance tracking.
  • Virtual Families for Mac OS v.1.0From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers series comes the new casual game that captures the drama of life— Virtual Families! Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true-real time. Adopt and nurture a needy person in ...
  • Virtual Range for Mac OS v.1.0A rocket flight simulator for Mac OS X. With Virtual Range, you can test the stability and performance of model or high power rocket before you launch it. The rocket’s trajectory is simulated in real time and displayed on the screen, along ...
  • Virtual FireworX Screensaver for Mac OS v.2.1.2Celebrate with Fireworks! All year long, any holiday or occasion, Virtual FireworX brings a festive mood to your Mac! These pyro-tastic delights burn cool, so they won’t burn you, or your screen!Virtual FireworX are realtime 3D particle ...
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Today's Top Ten Downloads for Octave Virtual Keyboard
  • Java Virtual Keyboard This project is a highly configurable Virtual Unicode
  • Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard for Mac OS A MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesnt produce any
  • Prodatum for Mac OS X A free, cross-platform patch editor for the E-MU Proteus
  • Guitar Pro 6 Trial Version Guitar Pro 6: Tablature editor and player for guitars
  • Notebook PEA NotebookPEA is a simple text editor to protect private notes
  • German Sorbian Keyboard Layout for Mac OS Additional Mac OS X keyboard layout file used with a
  • HariSree Malayalam Keyboard HariSree Smart Pad consists of virtual keyboards with
  • Virtual Families for Mac OS From the developer of the smash-hit Virtual Villagers
  • Virtual CD RW Virtual CD RW Mac - easy to use virtual CD drive for
  • Virtual band Virtual band online flash online flash . Virtual band
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Community packages

These packages are maintained by a community of Octave Forge and Octave developers in a spirit of collaboration. The main repository for development is located at Octave Forge and the packages share Octave's bug and patch tracker. Community packages are coordinated between each other and with Octave regarding compatibility, naming of functions, and location of individual functions or groups of functions.

See also: external packages, unmaintained packages


Basic Octave implementation of the matlab arduino extension, allowing communication to a programmed arduino board to control its hardware


Audio and MIDI Toolbox for GNU Octave


Common Gateway Interface for Octave


Digital Communications, Error Correcting Codes (Channel Code), Source Code functions, Modulation and Galois Fields


Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD) Tools for GNU Octave, based on the proven SLICOT Library


Algorithms for smoothing noisy data


Interface to SQL databases, currently only postgresql using libpq


Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame


Digital communications in medicine (DICOM) file io


Find and run example code within documentation


Econometrics functions including MLE and GMM based techniques


pkg for the resolution of partial differential equations based on fenics


Octave matlab free download for mac

Monte Carlo simulation, options pricing routines, financial manipulation, plotting functions and additional date manipulation tools


A mostly MATLAB-compatible fuzzy logic toolkit for Octave


Genetic optimization code


General tools for Octave


This package provides functions for generating HTML pages that contain the help texts for a set of functions


Library for extending MatGeom functionality



Octave bindings to the GNU Scientific Library


The Octave-forge Image package provides functions for processing images


The Octave-forge Image Aquisition package provides functions to capture images from connected devices


Low level I/O functions for serial, i2c, parallel, tcp, gpib, vxi11, udp and usbtmc interfaces

Octave Matlab Free Download For Mac


The interval package for real-valued interval arithmetic allows one to evaluate functions over subsets of their domain


Input/Output in external formats


Routines for calculating the time-evolution of the level-set equation and extracting geometric information from the level-set function


Additional linear algebra code, including matrix functions

Octave Download Free


A package implementing tools to compute spectral decompositions of irregularly-spaced time series


Simple mapping and GIS .shp .dxf and raster file functions


Miscellaneous tools that don't fit somewhere else


Multivariate normal distribution clustering and utility functions


A NetCDF interface for Octave


Package using OpenCL for parallelization, mostly suitable to Single-Instruction-Multiple-Data (SIMD) computations, selectively using available OpenCL hardware and drivers


Functions covering various aspects of optics


Non-linear optimization toolkit


An optimal interpolation toolbox for octave


Octave 4.4.1 Download

Parallel execution package


Quaternion package for GNU Octave, includes a quaternion class with overloaded operators


The queueing package provides functions for queueing networks and Markov chains analysis


Signal processing tools, including filtering, windowing and display functions


Socket functions for networking from within octave


Interface to the librsb package implementing the RSB sparse matrix format for fast shared-memory sparse matrix computations


Additional spline functions


Additional statistics functions for Octave


Additional functions for manipulation and analysis of strings


Additional structure manipulation functions


Octave Download Mac

Adds symbolic calculation features to GNU Octave


Octave Free Download For Mac Windows 10

A wrapper for OpenCV's CvCapture_FFMPEG and CvVideoWriter_FFMPEG

Octave Gui Mac


3D graphics using VRML


Provides COM interface and additional functionality on Windows


ZeroMQ bindings for GNU Octave