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P Apercut Cleint Mac Download

. MAC o Used to Install on a MAC Environment. Linux o Used to Install on a Linux Environment In the WIN folder run the file: PCClient win client-local-install.exe or USB win client-local-install.exe Once PCClient (PaperCUT MF Client) is installed, it will ask for your Identity / Password. This is your PIN Code. BETA: PaperCut Mobility Print gets cloud functionality. Coinciding with the 20.0 release but in beta, our clever (if I may say so) BYOD solution Mobility Print gets brand new functionality in July/August (at this stage): users will print securely over the internet from Mac, Windows and Chromebooks. Below is a list of PaperCut printers that are managed by CAIT through PrintServices, including their addresses, model numbers, and links to download their drivers. Please be aware that not all printers are publicly available.

  1. Papercut Client Mac Download
  2. P Papercut Client Mac Download Software
  3. P Papercut Client Mac Download Version
  4. P Papercut Client Mac Download Torrent

Anything with a (?) icon is a more in depth piece of information that the customer will need to provide.



  • How is remote access to servers achieved? (application, print and database servers)
  • Internet access on server to download installers is required.

Application server

  • Could be VM or physical server. At least 4GB RAM. At least 50GB storage.
  • IP address:
  • Computer name:
  • Windows domain:
  • OS (For Windows, Server 2008 R2 preferred, 2008 or 2003 R2 are ok):
    • ! For Novell OES/Linux/Mac additional info and scoping will be required
  • External SQL Server or internal database?
    • If external, SQL server name, ip, username and password:

Print server

  • Is the print server the same as the application server?
  • Number of print servers?
  • If not on same server:
    • IP address:
    • Computer name:
    • Windows domain:
    • OS (For Windows, Server 2008 R2 preferred, 2008 or 2003 R2 are ok):
      • ! For Novell OES/Linux/Mac additional info and scoping will be required
  • Are there any computers printing directly to printers via IP? These will need to print through the srever for PaperCut to account jobs.
What Size Server Do I Need?


  • Are there different IP networks/subnets that servers or equiment will be on?
  • List the following for each network:
Description (eg Admin VLAN)Network address (eg maskGatewayDNS Servers
  • Are there different Windows domains (eg Admin/Curriculum)?
    • Domain names:
  • Are there any firewalls or other filters that might block or drop traffic between server and equipment?
    • If so, need to scope firewall rules to allow our traffic (will depend on which devices/embedded/terminal)


  • Are all users in user directory (eg AD/LDAP)?
    • Type: (AD/Novell/other LDAP)
    • Base container (OU) to import users from:
  • Do you have 'guest accounts' that aren't in AD/LDAP that need copier access (eg TRT)?
    • Provide list of these
  • Will there be any non-domain users printing? (eg BYOD laptops)
    • How do these users print currently?
    • Two options:
      • Web print
      • Connect to shared printer and PaperCut client with unauthenticated printing ticked

Papercut Client Deployment

  • PC or MAC
  • How will it be deployed? Group Policy, Logon Script, local install etc.

Copy control

  • Copy control (yes/no)?
  • Equipment list. For each copier:
    • Make and Model
    • Physical location
    • IP address
    • Serial number (if known, not hugely important)
    • Internal copier Admin user and password to access web config
  • If embedded, will need to scope out embedded compatability of devices and any limitations. Eg:
    • Konica embedded
      • OpenAPI 2.3 vs 3.1 (logon workflow)
      • Older Konicas require USB interface card to be purchased from Konica
    • Xerox embedded doesn't support card readers

Card numbers

Card numbers or ID numbers are required if doing copier control. ID numbers have the benefit that they don't need to purchase card reader hardware, but are more cumbersome to use and administer. Some customers will have existing cards in place for another purpose (eg student cards or door access). We will need to determine if we can use these cards or not, and whether they have been encoded or are just blank cards.

Papercut Client Mac Download

  • Cards or ID numbers? Card type?
  • Card/ID numbers should ideally be stored in AD/LDAP. Which field (pager)?
    • If card numbers cannot be stored in AD/LDAP, then will need a file listing users and card numbers for import and manual management in PaperCut (Try and discourage this if at all possible! It makes user management hard because card numbers have to be manually entered in PaperCut)
    • If more then one card per user, then will need external SQL server and card number database (additional work)
  • 3 sample cards needed for testing
  • Will need to check card reader hardware compatability with chosen embedded type or terminal


PaperCut supports charging to user accounts and 'Shared accounts'. These can be cost centres, budget lines, or anywhere else that you want to group together print and copy transactions from different users.
  • Different classes of user need to be in different groups in AD/LDAP (eg staff/admin staff/students)
  • User accounts (eg students)
    • Want to just monitor usage or perform quotaing?
    • Initial balance?
  • Shared Accounts
    • How many Shared Accounts will you have? (approx is fine, eg about 30):
    • Who should charge to shared accounts, eg only staff? (This will need to be a group in AD/LDAP):
    • Do you want to lock down Shared Account permissions?
      • If so:
        • Customer to mirror Shared Account permissions with group membership in AD
        • Alternately, you will need to list users and which shared accounts they have access to for import and then manual management in PaperCut
      • Otherwise:
        • Assign a 'secret' numeric PIN to each shared account
        • Only users that know the PIN can charge to the account
        • Advantage: less administration overhead to maintain permissions
        • Usually, follow up using scheduled reports to check people aren't charging where they shouldn't

(?) Customer to provide a file listing account names, including PINs or user permission list if applicable

Job workflow


  • Page pricing defaults:
    • A4 BW
    • A4 Colour
    • A3 BW
    • A3 Colour
  • Any specific pricing for certain printers/copiers? If so list them:


P papercut client mac download windows 10
  • Are there any users that shouldn't be allowed to use certain devices?
    • Eg admin copiers not to be used by non admin staff
    • Eg Students not to be able to use staff copiers
  • Are there any job page limits on certain devices that you want to enforce?
  • Are there any job rerouting rules that you want (eg prompt to send large jobs to MFDs)? (This will require extra professional services to write custom printer scripts)

Secure print release

  • Do you want secure print release for any devices (terminal or release station required at each location)?
  • Do you want Find Me Printing? (Additional scoping work required)
    • Print driver will need to be the same across Find Me group (eg choose baseline copier driver)
    • Virtual print queue will need to be set up on server

Web Print

  • Web print wanted?
  • Need to provide a sandbox computer (ideally VM) running client OS (Windows 7 preferred)
  • Customer to provide Windows and Office licences
  • Clickable, graphical printer maps?
    • Will require extra professional services
    • Customer to provide site maps and printer locations


PaperCut supports email scheduled reports. This feature requires access to an SMTP server that will allow PaperCut to send without any authentication. Exchange will normally need SMTP turned on and PaperCut app server IP whitelisted.
  • SMTP server address:
  • Set up a monthly scheduled 'Shared account print/copy/scan/fax - breakdown' report to business/finance manager. Email address:
  • Usernames of people who can access reports (to be added in admin users with reporting rights):

Reloading user balances (Education Clients)

How will users reload their balances?

P Papercut Client Mac Download Software

Via software interface, topup cards, kiosk or payment gateway?


P Papercut Client Mac Download Version


P Papercut Client Mac Download Torrent

web interface and client can be branded.
  • Standard branding:
    • Customer logo on web interface, reports, and client: Need logo image file
    • Intranet URL link on client: Need URL
  • Extra branding (professional services):
    • CSS customisations on user-side of web interface to match customer's website colour scheme