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Qt 5.9 Mac Download

  1. Qt 5.9 Mac Download Software
  2. Qt 5.9 Mac Download Version
  3. Qt 5.9 Mac Download Windows 10
  4. Qt 5.9 Mac Download Mac

Download qt5-linguist-5.9.7-1.el7.x8664.rpm for CentOS 7 from CentOS repository. Qt Creator 4.13.1 is released and it is available via Qt online installer. If you need a standalone installer, please select the file according to your operating system from the list below to get the latest Qt Creator for your computer. Qt Creator 4.13.1 for Windows (266 MB) (info) Qt Creator 4.13.1 for Windows 64-bit (283 MB) (info).

As downloads I provide a Windows installer, dynamically linked Linux versions and a Mac OS X .app package.
There are no Linux package directly from me, mainly because it's too much of hassle for to compile and maintain all the tools and create the package for all the different distributions.

  1. Free download DVDFab for Mac and DVDFab for Windows, copy, rip, and convert Blu-ray and DVD into other videos on both Mac and Windows systems.
  2. Parent Directory - submodules/ 30-May-2017 10:05 - single/ 30-May-2017 10:02 - 30-May-2017 09:25.
  3. For running Qt applications on your Mac or in the simulator that comes with Xcode, this is all you need. However, for running applications on a mobile device and/or publishing your applications in the App Store, you must join the Apple Developer Program, and set up developer certificates and provisioning profiles.

Hybrid Windows Installer:rev 2020.08.02.1

  • Windows Installer* (~400MB)

* additional aac encoders are available but can't be added due to their license restrictions -> see here; note that Hybrid doesn't work on Windows XP anymore and after 2017.12.23 all versions are 64bit only

Hybrid - Linux downloadsrev 2020.08.02.1

  • Hybrid Linux64bit: Qt 5.9.5 (~12MB)*,**
  • Hybrid Linux64bit (with base tools and most dependencies): Qt 5.9.5 (tools) (~60MB)***

* Hybrid is only a GUI for other tools which are not provided by this download
** dynamically linked, requires a matching Qt runtime, also on Unity Desktop-environment 'sni-qt' is also needed otherwise minimize to tray won't work
*** only tested on Ubuntu 18.04+ but should also work an all newer Ubuntu versions. Note that: DivX265 and NeroAacEnc require ib32stdc++6.

Qt 5.9 Mac Download Software

Hybrid - Mac complete packagerev 2018.08.05.1
(Got no Mac anymore, so no more mac releases. Old releases are still available over at videohelp and there's a thread about updating it in the forum)

SoftwareQt 5.9 mac download mac

Qt 5.9 Mac Download Version

Hybrid packages by others

  • Arch Linux package (maintained by kfgz)

Alternative Downloads

  •, also offers an archive of old versions (usually just a few hours behind the current release)

There might be other mirrors out there, but only the listed mirrors asked about whether it is okay, before opening a mirror or simply offering the tool with a direct link to my downloads.

Hybrid uses quite a bunch of other tools in the background.
Aside from the links on the 'License and Dependencies' page, I also wrote some stuff in the forum that might be worth checking out.

About Hybrids source code:
Atm. there's no specific plan when and if I release the source code of Hybrid. (If/When I stop developing Hybrid I will probably release the code under LGPL.)

Finally after 4 days working I found this solution.
Maybe help you also :)

My working solution step by step:

  • Install fresh windows 7 on VMware and update to latest version (Windows 7 x86 SP1) with Accelerate Direct 3D or any windows 7 installed on your computer
  • Install visual studio 2015 Update3 with visual c++
  • Install DirectX Sdk latest version


  • Visit

  • list itemSelect “Get your open source package“

  • list itemClick “View All Downloads“

  • list itemDownload source package for Windows users as a single zip file (565 MB)

  • Download openSll for windows
    Build a static version of Qt using Microsoft Visual Studio:

  • list itemDownload and Install Perl (

  • Download and Install Python (

  • Make sure that Microsoft Visual Studio is installed.

  • Restart system

  • Create directory: “C:QtStatic

  • Copy downloaded Qt archive to this folder and extract it there. “C:QtStaticqt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.8.0

  • Edit file “C:QtStaticqt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.1qtbasemkspecscommonmsvc-desktop.conf” and replace all MD to MT to remove dependency on msvc dlls, in the following lines:

  • Start the Visual Studio 2015 Command Prompt (VS2015 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt).
  • Change directory to source code download folder.

Qt 5.9 Mac Download Windows 10

  • Execute the following commands:

Qt 5.9 Mac Download Mac

Wait until finished :)
Jobs done.
Now work on all OS version above Windows 7
Now build project by this Qt