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Snapseed For Mac Desktop Download

Owners of digital cameras will be only too aware that it is possible to speed endless time tweaking photos, not only to help get the perfect version of an image, but also to get creative with your work. Photo editing software is not a software market that is exactly short of choice, but the market for low-cost, high-quality app is often found wanting. Snapseed is a cross platform editing and optimization tool that is available for Mac, PC and iOS, with a very similar user experience available on all devices.

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There are a range of filters and special effects to choose from, including the likes of Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt & Shift which can all be used to give your images a unique look and feel, but there are also more conventional image editing options to experiment with. Simple options such as rotating, cropping and resizing will come in useful on an almost daily basis and the Auto Correct option is available for anyone looking to get a quick fix.

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However, the development direction of Snapseed changed a bit when Google bought it. Desktop development was halted, and it returned to its roots on mobile devices, where it has continued to innovate and remains one of the best companions that you can download alongside a photography app.

To finish off the images you are most pleased with, there are also a number of frames that you can add. The range of editing options available is impressive, and the subtlety with which they can be applied means that some unique and tailored results can be attained. No image editing app these days would be completed without a selection of sharing options, and Snapseed has the social side of things covered with the option of sharing images via Facebook and Flickr.

The latest version of the desktop app for Mac and Windows add support for an extra eight languages and the ability to use the app with both Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. This means that if you are using either of these tools to manage your digital photograph collection, it is possible to quickly send any images to Snapseed for editing and optimizing, taking advantage of the quick options such as one-click adjustment. Also added is the ability to save in the TIFF format, and a Save option has been added to the program in addition to the previous Save As.

Snapseed For Mac Desktop Download Mac

Snapseed for mac desktop download windows 7

Google Snapseed Desktop

Easy enough to use for fun, but results that are impressive enough to show off – the perfect balance.