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Space Quest 3 Download Mac

Welcome to the Broomcloset's multimedia section. If you're interested in downloading Space Quest music and sounds, you've cometo the right place. If Space Quest art is more your style, you should stop by the Broomcloset's Fan Art Gallery. Most music files included on this page are copyrightSierraOn-Line and are provided courtesy of QuestStudios. Most files are here zipped and require an unzippingprogram for decompression. MP3 files require, not surprisingly,an MP3 player. If you would liketo submit any music for this site, feel free to e-mailme!
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  2. Part of Series: Space Quest Previous Game in Series: Space Quest: Chapter 2 – Vohaul’s Revenge Next Game in Series: Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers Designer: Mark Crowe & Scott Murphy Narrowly escaping the events of Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge, Roger Wilco’s escape pod floats through space.
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SpaceQuest 1: The Sarien Encounter
  • Introduction (MIDI,Ken Allen) -- It's the main theme (based on a composition by Mark Crowe) from the VGAremake of SQ1.
  • PlanetKerona/Skimmer Theme (MIDI,Ken Allen) -- Enjoy these sizzling desert sounds of Kerona from SQ1VGA.
  • TheRocket Bar(MIDI,Ken Allen -- Definitely one of the best tracks from Space Quest 1. Rock alongat the Ulence Flats Bar!
  • ClosingThemes(MIDI,Ken Allen) -- Awesome tunes from the SQ1 victory scenes as Roger receives the GoldenMop.SpaceQuest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon
  • Space Quest 3 MT-32 Soundtrack, MP3 Format -- Awesome Roland MT-32 music, courtesy of Ttoom of the Quest Studios forum. Download them all below!
    00. Opening Silence (MP3 Format, 164k)
    01. Introduction (MP3 Format, 1.9MB)
    02. Opening Sequence (MP3 Format, 3.3MB)
    03. Robot Garbage Freighter (MP3 Format, 3.3MB)
    04. The Grabber (MP3 Format, 915k)
    05. The Rat Cave (MP3 Format, 1.1MB)
    06. Leaving Freighter, Nav Screen, Arnoid's Pursuit (MP3 Format, 3.7MB)
    07. Phleebhut (MP3 Format, 2.0MB)
    08. Fester's World O'Wonders (MP3 Format, 1.3MB)
    09. Arnoid Destroyed (MP3 Format, 1.3MB)
    10. Monolith Burger (MP3 Format, 1.9MB)
    11. Astro Chicken (MP3 Format, 909k)
    12. Planet Ortega (MP3 Format, 2.4MB)
    13. ScumSoft Entrance (MP3 Format, 1.2MB)
    14. ScumSoft Corridors (MP3 Format, 1.6MB)
    15. ScumSoft Offices (Roger Dies) (MP3 Format, 1.3MB)
    16. The Black Hole (MP3 Format, 1.7MB)
    17. The Two Guys on Earth (MP3 Format, 3.0MB)
    18. Closing Medley (MP3 Format, 3.9MB)
  • All Games Adventure Games Space Quest™ Collection. Community Hub. Space Quest™ Collection. Experience a blast from the past with the complete, completely twisted Space Quest Collection. All Reviews: Very Positive (182) - 80% of the 182 user reviews for this game are positive. Release Date: Sep 1, 2006. Developer: Sierra.

  • Introduction (MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) --The rocking opening theme from Space Quest 3 (a personal favorite)!
  • MonolithBurger (MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) -- Everyone loves Monolith Burger! Well, almost everyone. A finite number served...
  • RobotGarbage Freighter(MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) -- The terrific theme that plays in the early scenes of SQ3 aboard the garbage freighter!
  • Astro Chicken Theme(MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) -- The theme music for everyone's favorite poultry protagonist!
  • TheBlack Hole(MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) -- Plunge into an alternate universe with this rockin' tune.
  • ClosingThemes(MIDI,Bob Siebenberg) -- Check out the groovy victory medley from Space Quest 3.SpaceQuest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers
  • Space Quest 4 MT-32 Soundtrack, MP3 Format -- Top-notch Roland MT-32 music, courtesy of Spikey from Sierra Music Central. Download them all below!
    01. Introduction, Part 1 (MP3 Format, 2.05MB)
    02. Magmetheus Canteen (MP3 Format, 2.45MB)
    03. Introduction, Part 2 (MP3 Format, 2.05 MB)
    04. Xenon Streets (MP3 Format, 2.74MB)
    05. Cyborg/Droid o'Death (MP3 Format, 1.32MB)
    06. Sewer Maintenance Office (MP3 Format, 984k)
    07. Professor Lloyd (MP3 Format, 2.36MB)
    08. Xenon Sewers (MP3 Format, 1.72MB)
    09. Sewer Blob (MP3 Format, 969k)
    10. Sequel Police Arrive (MP3 Format, 906k)
    11. The Stowaway (MP3 Format, 1.12MB)
    12. The Landing Bay (MP3 Format, 1.83MB)
    13. Copy Protection (MP3 Format, 609k)
    14. Traveling Through Time (MP3 Format, 609k)
    15. Planet Ortega (MP3 Format, 1.96MB)
    16. Planet Estros (MP3 Format, 984k)
    17. Pterodactyl Ride (MP3 Format, 1.06MB)
    18. Pterodactyl's Nest (MP3 Format, 1.11MB)
    19. Latex Babes of Estros (MP3 Format, 1.17 MB)
    20. Sub Ride (MP3 Format, 1.40MB)
    21. Zondra and Thoreen (MP3 Format, 2.56MB)
    22. Sea Slug Attack (MP3 Format, 1.12MB)
    23. Our Hero! (MP3 Format, 1.05MB)
    24. Let's Shop! (MP3 Format, 750k)
    25. Meanwhile, Back In Space Quest XII (MP3 Format, 1.49MB)
    26. Galaxy Galleria Mall (MP3 Format, 1.26MB)
    27. Big and Tall (MP3 Format, 1.70MB)
    28. Software Store (MP3 Format, 1.06MB)
    29. Monolith Burger (MP3 Format, 1.22MB)
    30. Flippin' Burgers (The Job) (MP3 Format, 1.54MB)
    31. Sacks (MP3 Format, 1.67MB)
    32. Radio Shock (MP3 Format, .97MB)
    33. Buckazoid Bill's Arcade (MP3 Format, 766k)
    34. Ms. Astro Chicken (MP3 Format, 641k)
    35. Skate-O-Rama (MP3 Format, 1.26 MB)
    36. Back In Space Quest I (MP3 Format, 1.25MB)
    37. Keronian Bar Revisited (MP3 Format, 3.34MB)
    38. Point Theme (Sand Bikes) (MP3 Format, 79k)
    39. Monochrome Bikers (MT-32, MP3 Format, .97MB)
    40. Monochrome Bikers (MT-32 + SC, MP3 Format, 1.55MB)
    41. The Laser Room/Super Computer Area (MP3 Format, 1.80MB)
    42. Security Droid! (MP3 Format, 766k)
    43. Take A Good Look, Roger (MP3 Format, 172k)
    44. Programming Chamber (MP3 Format, 703k)
    45. Format Countdown (MP3 Format, 1.66MB)
    46. The Fight (Roger vs. Vohaul) (MP3 Format, 1.75MB)
    47. Closing Scenes (MP3 Format, 2.31MB)
    48. Closing Theme (MP3 Format, 1.72MB)
  • CompleteSoundtrack (MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) --That's right--all of the awesome musical tracks from SQ4!
  • Introduction (MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- You know you can't get enough the Space Quest theme!
  • MagmetheusCantina(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) --A nifty take-off on the classic Star Wars cantina band!
  • TheStowaway(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- Sneak aboard the Sequel Police patrol ship with this track!
  • CopyProtection Theme(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- A variation of the Jeopardy theme from the floppy disk version of SQ4.
  • Space Quest 3 Download Mac
  • Sacks (MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- The perfect music for all your, er, cross-dressing needs.
  • KeronaBar Revisited(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- A blast from the past as Roger returns to Ulence Flats.
  • FormatCountdown(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- The tension mounts as the clock ticks.
  • RadioShock(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- Neato theme from the store also known as Hertz So Good.
  • Skate-O-Rama (MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- Gamers with high-end systems probably have nightmares about this one.
  • ClosingThemes(MIDI,Ken Allen and Mark Seibert) -- Roger has saved the day again...and catches a glimpse of his future wife?SpaceQuest 5: The Next Mutation
  • CompleteSoundtrack (MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- Another complete soundtrack; sit back and relax!
  • Introduction (MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- A clever variation of the original Star Trek theme!
  • GraduationDay (MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- Way to go, Roger! You aced your SAT!
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  • AcademyExam(MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- Flunk this one and you're in trouble!
  • TheCyborg(MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- WD-40's classic theme song from Kiz Urazgubi.
  • CaptainQuirk (MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- The arrogant villain's personal theme song.
  • ClosingThemes(MIDI,Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke) -- Another classic tune as Roger puts an end to the Pukoids!SpaceQuest 6: The Spinal Frontier
  • CompleteSoundtrack (MIDI, Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Enjoy over an hour of music in the SQ6 complete soundtrack!
  • Introduction (MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Not the best version, but good nonetheless!
  • Roger'sPlace(MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Drop by Roger's quarters and hang out with this tune!
  • TheOrion's Belt Bar(MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Great music for hunting endodroids.
  • Shuttlebay (MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- This theme from the Deepship 86 is definitely a classic!
  • TheFile Room (MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Log onto cyberspace with Sis Inny's favorite tune!
  • EightRear(MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Kick back with Circuit Sydney and groove to this theme.
  • Space Quest 3 Download Mac Torrent

  • Stellar'sTheme(MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- Is Corpsman Santiago the gal of Roger's dreams?
  • Sharpei's Theme(MIDI,Neil Grandstaff and Dan Kehler) -- This theme is definitely one of the finest in SQ6!
  • Space Quest Iii Download

  • SpaceQuest 6 Commerical(WAV,1.25MB) -- Combine these WAVs to form a hilarious commercial for SQ6!