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Svn 1.6 Mac Download

Find packages for your operating system: Points System. When you upload software to you get rewarded by points. For every field that is filled out correctly, points will be rewarded, some fields are optional but the more you provide the more you will get rewarded!

Centos Linux Debian Linux Fedora Linux FreeBSD HP-UX NetBSD OpenBSD openSUSE Mac OS X Red Hat Linux Solaris SUSE Linux Ubuntu Linux Windows

The Apache Subversion project does not officially endorse or maintain any binary packages of the Subversion software. However, volunteers have created binary packages for different distributions and platforms, and as a convenience, we maintain a list of links to them here. If there are any problems with or questions about the different binary packages please send email to the Subversion users mailing list.

There's no problem using version 1.7.10 even if your server is 1.6.8. What you shouldn't do is share working copies between systems. There is no guarantee that one Subversion client will use the same working copy format as another. 当前版本是 1.14.0. 最新更新内容,请查看 changelog and the release notes. 当前版本 1.14.0 连接的 Subversion 库是 1.14.0.

Note that binary packages usually come out about a week after the corresponding source release. Please don't post to the mailing lists asking when a binary package for a given platform will be ready. The packagers already know when new source releases come out, and work as fast as they can to make binaries available.

Binaries are typically built from the latest stable release.

Note also that this list does not include distributions of larger collections of software of which Subversion is but one piece. Several vendors offer such things, but we concern ourselves primarily with Subversion itself. As such, the listing here is limited to those packages which may be reasonably considered binary distributions of Apache Subversion alone. If you are looking for more widely scoped, Subversion-related value-add offerings, we trust that ${YOUR_FAVORITE_SEARCH_ENGINE} can facilitate that for you.

Centos Linux ¶

  • CentOS project (client and server)

  • CollabNet (supported and certified by CollabNet; requires registration)

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Debian Linux ¶

  • Debian Project (maintained by Debian Project; client and server; svnserve is part of the subversion package, mod_dav_svn is in the separate libapache2-mod-svn package (formerly libapache2-svn))

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Fedora Linux ¶

FreeBSD ¶

Svn 1.6 Mac Download


Svn 1.6 mac download mediafire
  • HP Porting Centre (maintained by Connect Internet Solutions Ltd.)

NetBSD ¶

OpenBSD ¶

  • OpenBSD Project (client and server; svnserve is part of the subversion package, mod_dav_svn is in the separate ap2-subversion package)

openSUSE ¶

  • Part of the the standard distribution. svnserve is part of the subversion package, mod_dav_svn is in the separate subversion-server package.

  • Community packages are available from the openSUSE project, also for the 1.8 series of releases.

Mac OS X ¶

  • An old version of Subversion is shipped with MacOS X. See the open source section of Apple's web site for more information.

  • Fink (requires Fink; maintained by Christian Schaffner)

  • MacPorts (requires MacPorts)

  • WANdisco (client and server; supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Red Hat Linux ¶

  • Red Hat (client and server)

  • CollabNet (supported and certified by CollabNet; requires registration)

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Solaris ¶

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

SUSE Linux ¶

  • On SUSE Linux Enterprise: Enable the SDK. svnserve is part of the subversion package, mod_dav_svn is in the separate subversion-server package.

  • Community packages are available from the openSUSE project, also for the 1.8 series of releases.

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Ubuntu Linux ¶

  • Ubuntu Packages (maintained by Ubuntu Project; client and server; svnserve is part of the subversion package, mod_dav_svn is in the separate libapache2-svn package)

  • WANdisco (supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Windows ¶

  • CollabNet (supported and certified by CollabNet; requires registration)

  • SlikSVN (32- and 64-bit client MSI; maintained by Bert Huijben, SharpSvn project)

  • TortoiseSVN (optionally installs 32- and 64-bit command line tools and svnserve; supported and maintained by the TortoiseSVN project)

  • VisualSVN (32- and 64-bit client and server; supported and maintained by VisualSVN)

  • WANdisco (32- and 64-bit client and server; supported and certified by WANdisco; requires registration)

Compatibility Concerns ¶

Older clients and servers interoperate transparently with 1.7servers and clients. However, some of the new 1.7 features may not beavailable unless both client and server are the latest version. There arealso cases where a new feature will work but will run less efficiently ifthe client is new and the server old.

There is no need to dump and reload yourrepositories. Subversion 1.7 servers can read and write to repositories created byearlier versions. To upgrade an existing server installation, just install thenewest libraries and binaries on top of the older ones.

Subversion 1.7 servers use the same repository format as Subversion 1.6.Therefore, it is possible to seamlessly upgrade and downgrade between 1.6.x and 1.7.xservers without changing the format of the on-disk repositories.(This is not correct in general for any pair of 1.x and 1.y servers,but happens to hold for 1.6 and 1.7.)If new 1.7 features were enabled on the server (in the hooks or serverconfiguration files), they will, of course, have to be disabled priorto reverting back to a 1.6 server.

Subversion 1.7 clients use a new working copy format.Subversion 1.7 clients cannot use Subversion 1.6 (and earlier) working copies.Existing working copies created with Subversion 1.6 and earlier need to beupgraded before they can be used with a Subversion 1.7client (see below for details).

Subversion 1.7 maintains API/ABI compatibility with earlierreleases, by only adding new functions, never removing old ones. Aprogram written to any previous 1.x API can both compileand run using 1.7 libraries. However, a program written for 1.7cannot necessarily compile or run against older libraries.

There may be limited cases where the behavior of old APIs has beenslightly modified from previous releases. These are cases where edge casesof the functionality has been deemed buggy, and therefore improved or removed.Please consult theAPI errata for more detailed information on what these APIs areand what impact these changes may have. For Subversion 1.7, theseerrata are mostly limited to libsvn_wc, with one notableexception: libsvn_ra_serf's approach to drivingthe svn_delta_editor_t interfaces (provided to it indirectlyvia calls to the svn_ra.h interfaces).

New Feature Compatibility Table ¶

New FeatureMinimum Client1Minimum ServerMinimum RepositoryNotes
HTTPv21.71.7anyPermutations of older client/server combinations will continue to function at the pre-1.7 feature level. Server-side configuration changes might be required for optimal performance with clients that use serf.
WC-NG1.7anyany1.6 working copies cannot be used with 1.7 and will not be upgraded to the new 1.7 format automatically.
svnrdump1.71.4 (dump)
1.7 (load)
anySee the full entry, below for discussion of known issues.
svn patch1.7anyany
atomic revprop changes1.71.7anyFixes a race condition in svnsync (issue #3546).
reduced subtree mergeinfo recording1.7anyanyIf both pre-1.7 clients and 1.7 clients are used to perform merges to the same branch, the pre-1.7 clients may experience slower merge performance.
server performance tuningany1.7anyPurely server-side configuration. file:// access in 1.7 clients will use the default settings.
1Reminder: when using the file:// repository access method, the Subversion program is both the client and the server.

Command Line Output Changes ¶

Although we try hard to keep output from the command line programscompatible between releases, new information sometimes has to beadded. This can break scripts that rely on the exact format of theoutput. For this reason, we encourage programs which consume the outputof the commandline client to consider using the --xml option,or accessing Subversion through the various bindings interfaces.

Improved output of svn update for multiple working copies ¶

Improvements have been made to the output of svn updatewhen updating multiple working copies at once (seeissue #3693). Below is an example of the new output:

svn diff now shows property changes as unidiff ¶

svn diff now shows textual property changes in unidiff format,except for svn:mergeinfo properties.Below is an example of the new output:

Error and warning numbers now reported ¶

The output of svn now contains an error number or warningnumber with every error. The following example illustrates these changes.

These error values are useful as search keywords. Under the hood, these errorcodes correspond to the API error codes used by Subversion and APR. For programming to our API's,it's possible to convert a numeric error code to a symbolic one via the script (first included in Subversion 1.3.0):

Miscellaneous Compatibility Notes ¶

There are some additional specific areas where changes made in thisrelease might necessitate further adjustment by administrators orusers. We'll cover those in this section.

Case sensitivity of authz access rules ¶

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Prior to this release, the section headers in Subversion's authzaccess files—which contain repository names and repositoryfilesystem paths—were parsed in a case-insensitive fashion.That's been fixed in this release. The practical fallout, though, isthat your existing authz files might be depending (perhapsunintentionally) on the old behavior and the new behavior could resultin access to items in your repositories being unexpectedlydenied—or granted—as a result of upgrading to Subversion1.7. Please review all authz access files for case correctness. (Fordetails,see issue #3781).

Incompatible FSFS changes since 1.7.0-alpha3 for packed repositories ¶

Subversion 1.6 introduced support for packing FSFS revision files, and Subversion 1.7.x alpha releases (up to1.7.0-alpha3) supported packing of revprops into an SQLite database. Thissupport is not present in the final release (see issue #3952 for the reason). AnyFSFS-backed repositories that were svnadmin created orsvnadmin upgraded by svnadmin from a nightly build orfrom an alpha release of the 1.7.x line are not supported bythe final 1.7.0 release. It is required to dump these repositoriesusing an svnadmin built from the 1.7.0-alpha3 release (or tosvnsync them using a source server running 1.7.0-alpha3) in order toupgrade them for the 1.7.0 release.

Subversion 1.7 will complain when it encounters such repositories, withthe following error:

We reiterate that this lack of upgrade path is within the latitude ofour policy for pre-releases. We mayprovide in the future a script to downgrade a repository in-place to theformat supported by both 1.6 and 1.7. (We will welcome contributions of such a script.)

We plan to reintroduce revprop packing in a future release; see issue #3944 for details.

Mac Svn Client

'svn remove' now removes directories from disk immediately ¶

The svn remove command now removes directories from diskimmmediately. In Subversion 1.6, directories were scheduled for deletionbut kept on disk to retain meta-data stored in the .svn subdirectory.With the new working copy format introduced in Subversion 1.7 it is nolonger necessary to keep the removed directory on disk. This alsofacilitates better handling of directory replacements in the workingcopy (see issue #3468 for details).

Svn 1.6 Mac Download Mediafire

If the --keep-local option is used, svn remove willkeep the removed directory on disk.

Large versioned directories in FSFS repositories ¶

Svn Download

Subversion 1.7 introduces a new data cache implementation. In contrast toversion 1.6, we now limit the size of that cache to give better control overthe total amount of memory consumed by the server process. On the flip side,it also limits the size of directories that can be cached and, thereforehandled, efficiently. If you version directories with more than 10,000 entries,you must change the cache settings (see server performance tuningfor details).