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The Strategy Outlined

Without being specific on proprietary information, the strategy is a rather simple one.  It compares the closing price to the Market Alert price and creates three conditions:  BUY, ON ALERT, or SELL.  A subscription to this website will give you the specifics as to how these three conditions are determined, an explicit update post on this website at the end of the month to which condition exists, and an e-mail to update you on the current condition.

Additionally, there is discussion on the member side of the website about how this strategy can be implemented in your retirement account, a taxable account, and sharing ideas about investing.

To calm the fears of those who believe this investing strategy flips and flops from BUY to SELL continuously, I will point out there have only been ELEVEN round trips (BUY to SELL) since January 1991.  Knowing when a SELL condition exists helped you avoid the large dips in the market of 2001 and 2008.  When is the next one coming?  I don’t know, but a SELL signal will be generated relatively early on in the process!  A “Buy & Hold” investor would have generated 534% on their money from January 1991 to August 2016.  I strict follower of the system would have generated a return of 705%, and a prudent modifier of the system would have generated 1024% over the same period using the price of the SPY ETF as a basis for that claim.  That is nearly a doubling of the returns of a buy and hold investor by using this investment strategy.  Could this have saved you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even Millions of dollars over being a Buy and Hold Investor?

ELEVEN SELL alerts were generated by this system at the close of the following months since January 1991:

April 1994

December 1994

September 1998 (possible override with prudent modifications to system)

October 2000

May 2002 (would have never bought back into market in March 2002 with prudent modifications to system)

August 2004 (possible override with prudent modifications to system)

January 2008

June 2010

September 2011

September 2015

January 2016