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The Sims Vacation Mac Download

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This is a listing of objects, skins, homes, tools, patches, and NPCs that were previously offered for download on the official The Sims website. All content here was exclusive to the site and not included in expansion packs unless otherwise noted.

Content that you already have in your game should not be reinstalled, as the expansion packs included updated versions of some objects. Some content also requires certain expansion packs to be installed in order to properly use it.

The only download that is missing here is the “Elle Woods” celebrity NPC. This was offered as a bonus for preordering Superstar on Amazon, however it has never been found since. If you have this download, please consider submitting it to the archive.


The Sims only

Sims Download Mac

This content is only for the base game; it is included with every expansion pack and The Sims Deluxe Edition.
Coped FlowersFor those with truly discriminating taste, we present a collection of coped flowers. These stylish flowerbeds make the perfect accent for a topiary garden!
TopiariesWe’ve got your llama right here! Also your dolphin. Okay, so they’re just sculpted hedges, but they still look very cool.
Party BalloonsSims can’t resist a party, and Party Balloons out front tell the whole neighborhood where the fun is.
New PlantsWe expand your landscaping options with these new plants from the Maxis art team.
Guinea PigJust a little food, play and frequent cage cleaning is all your new furry friend needs.
Moose HeadHang this on your living room wall to show your Sims’ outdoorsy nature!
Cuckoo ClockA perfect addition to any house, from kitschy to classic.
Four New Wall LightsThe Wall Lights look great with any decor!
Slot MachineDownload the Slot Machine and have your Sims try to win mucho dinero.

The Sims and The Sims Deluxe

This content is compatible with any version of the game, regardless of expansion packs.
Banyan TreeThese items were originally given away in a Pepsi promotion.
Executive Chair
Worker Desk
12 Steps in StoneBuilt entirely from blocks carved out of living stone, this majestic staircase is a symbolic life journey for any Sim who chooses to use it.
12 Steps in Stone – ReversedYou loved the sweeping staircase. You jumped for joy when you discovered that the rich and famous would finally have their grand ballroom entrance. But then you cried when you tried to rotate the 12 Steps of Stone to face the other way. Well, cry no longer; the answer to your sweeping staircase needs is here, with 12 steps in the opposite direction.
New TV CommercialsYour Sims will hear 2 new commercials. (no video, audio only).
Cytherea Asilus Casses
(or Carnivorous Plant)
This rare plant is an endangered species, but still ultra fab. The Cytherea Asilus Casses will sit quietly on a counter, or hide away in the corner on an end table, that is until it grows weary of your charades… and then you’ll have to feed it, but not like any other plant. Maybe it’s a better idea to have your butler do it for you. Feed once every 24 hours.
Intel® “The Gila Monster”Ever wanted to download a whole computer? Now you can! We’ve created a snazzy new PC for your Sims featuring the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor. No more will your Sims have to make due with the clunky old systems they’ve had since The Sims first came out. To power up your Sims’ fun nothing gets it done like the Gila Monster!
French ColumnNow you can add a little French style to your neighborhood with this beautiful French Column. No need to own Unleashed, this beautiful object works with The Sims 1.0.
Pepsi MachineSummer is hot for your Sims too. Download the new Pepsi Machine and quench your Sims’ thirst with a refreshing soda.Note: North America Only.
Promotional Balloon Fence(This object is included with Makin’ Magic.)
Latex balloons are a great way to decorate at parties, special events, or even humorous funerals. Download yours today.
Holiday Mistletoe(Included with Deluxe Edition)
Everyone loves kissing under Mistletoe, especially Sims. As a holiday present from Maxis to the best fans anywhere, please enjoy this fun holiday download.
Triple Bull Dartboard(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
Impress your date–just make sure your eyes are open. For the downtown lounge game warrior in the laziest of Sims, we proudly offer the Triple Bull Dartboard for Hot Date. Good luck!
House Party Potty Pack(This object is included with Hot Date and subsequent expansions)
As a special thank you to everyone that has purchased House Party, we offer you the exclusive Potty Pack! The House Party Potty Pack will satisfy all of your Sims bathroom needs. You must have House Party installed on your system for the three toilets to appear.
Nouveau Nites Party Lights(This object is included with Hot Date, and all subsequent expansions)
Stunning replicas of the charming café lights along the Boulevard des Cobayes in Paris, these hanging lights are perfect for any occasion or party.
Queen Vivanco Roses(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
Our top-smelling rose and vase set, Queen Vivanco roses are prized for their startling, blood-red color and heady aroma. Roses come with vase.
‘Ukulele Lady Lamp(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
Looking for “hip” new addition to your lamp collection? Try our new dancing `Ukulele Lady lamp! With gyrating hips and authentic, miniature, replica `ukulele, this is one lady that really likes to be turned on!
Plate of Cookies(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
When the holidays roll around, everyone reaches for the treats. These tasty cookies are just the thing to please your special guests!
Turkey Dinner(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be right without a big, juicy turkey. And we’ve got one for you!
Jack-O-Lantern(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
We carved you a pumpkin for Halloween! Download it and add just the right touch to your Sims’ Halloween night.
Clown Catchers(This object is included with Deluxe Edition)
When all else fails, these experts can take care of your little “clown problem” in a friendly, professional manner.
The Sims Telecom Upgrade(This object is included with House Party)
With this great download, your Sims can call friends just to say “hi!”
Jukebox(This object is included with Hot Date and subsequent expansions. This an update to the version that comes with House Party)
Give your Sims a real party machine: the jukebox!
Flamingo Light(This object is included with House Party)
Hockey fans will surely miss the SimCity Flamingos, but their neon bar light makes a fine memento.
Trash Pack(This object is included with House Party)
Triple your trash options with the classy Professional trash can and the decidedly un-professional Elephant Foot trash can.

The Sims Deluxe and Expansion Packs

This content is only compatible with The Sims Deluxe Edition, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, or Makin’ Magic.
Precarious Designs
D.I.Y. Bookshelf
Thrifty Second-Hand Dormroom Furniture
Decorate your dorm.
Comfortably Distressed Easy Chair
The Gloominator
Desk Lamp
The Sims University Pennant
Refreshing Beverage Sculpture
Senor Tinnitis’
Box o’ Boom
Green Bedroom SetIs your sims bedroom set looking tired? Liven it up with the Green Bedroom set. Originally given away in a McDonald’s promotion.
Double Deluxe Object
Pack #1 of 3
This object pack contains 6 objects including several lamps and paintings. Also included are Asian floors and walls.
Double Deluxe Object
Pack #2 of 3
This object pack contains 8 objects including African and Asian house objects.
Double Deluxe Object
Pack #3 of 3
This object pack contains tables, fountains, wallpapers, and more!
Disaster Fizz Automated VendorTurn disasters into blessings with brand new Disaster Fizz carbonated drinks. SimCity disasters have never been as tasteful as they are when enjoying one for breakfast or a light lunch. A close look at the ingredients reveals such items as “Tornado Essence” and “Molten Volcanic Rock Powder”, which are sure to kick your day into high gear. Already approved by the SimCity Bureau of Food and Drink these vendors can already be found wherever drinks are sold.
McDonald’s Food KioskWho could resist the smell of America’s Favorite Fries®? Reel in the customers by placing a McDonald’s Food Kiosk on your lot. It’s a sure-fire way for the owner to turn a profit and for the visiting consumer to pump up their fun and hunger motives.


This content is only compatible with The Sims: Vacation.
Table SoccerYour sims will have hours of fun with the table soccer game.
Vacation Island
Beach Blanket
Has the lack of ozone left you with an acute fear of skin lesions every time you want to spend a day at the beach? Well, no more! Now you can enjoy the beach from the luxurious shade in one of our Vacation Island beach blankets. Each one comes complete with a Vacation Island Parasol to keep you cool and sunburn-free for all your sandy getaways.
Hungry Hungry
Hamster Game
Owners of Vacation can play the Hungry Hungry Hamster game! Feed the furry friends and force their faces full the first for frantic family fun!


This content is only compatible with The Sims: Unleashed.
Stray-Away Pet Prevention SystemAre you tired of the extra work and hassle and work that comes with having to look after your uninvited neighbors pets? With the Stray-Away Pet Prevention system, these problems are a thing of the past.
Unleashed Shrimp Cart(This object is included with Superstar and Makin’ Magic.)
Now your Sims can enjoy a Shrimp-On-A-Stick from this colorful local vendor. Unleashed owners should check their local community lot for this delicious treat.

Makin’ Magic

This content is only compatible with The Sims: Makin’ Magic.
Magical CabinetIt may look like a bookshelf, but with the push of a button, it becomes a cabinet to store your magical ingredients in.
Fun House Track 4×1Extend the possibilities, extend the fun with new tracks for your fun house.
Fun House Track Loop

The Sims FreePlay for PC – a realistic simulator of life in the virtual world. The meaning of the game is to create a virtual district with local residents and subsequently establish communication between the district members with each other. In the first stages of the game, you need to create the main character, adjust his appearance: the shape of the head, length and color of hair, skin color, eye color, and even character. Then proceed to the arrangement of his home: buy new furniture, electronics and more. Like real people, the “Sims” need to eat and have fun, but for this, they also need the money that they can earn at work, or for performing various tasks: to grow and sell vegetables, fruits.

The world-famous real-life simulator The Sims FreePlay is now on mobile devices. Feel like a designer and open the house of your dreams. Create an individual character, build him a gorgeous mansion and set your own rules for life.

The Sims Vacation Mac Download


The Sims Vacation Mac Download

In The Sims FreePlay, you can watch your characters fall in love, make friends, create families and become parents. Everything is real, everything is as in life. Try to create a perfect life story. Complete all stages from birth to death. Get a job, save money and build your dream home with the most unusual interior.

The Sims 4 Free Mac

Play The Sims FreePlay and choose the color of the tiles in the bathroom, and the size of the sofa in the living room. Over a thousand interior items, furniture, and decor are available to equip your home. Follow the mood and desires of your character. Feed it when the hunger indicator turns red, or send it to the shower when the character needs cleanliness. If you can’t get a pet in real life, then The Sims FreePlay will give you this opportunity. Get a pet and take care of it. Go on vacation or visit friends on your weekend.

How to Install The Sims FreePlay for PC:

Grab Bluestacks from the Link. Download it, it might take a few moments because of the size. Install it following the on-screen instructions. If you already have an Android Emulator installed, skip this step.

The Sims Vacation Mac Download Torrent

  1. Use any G-mail ID to configure and start the Emulator.
  2. Then Open Play Store and search for The Sims FreePlay
  3. Click on the very first result.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Wait for it to be downloaded and installed.
  6. Navigate to the home screen/app drawer and locate the app icon there.
  7. Click on that icon to open the app.
  8. Enjoy!