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Wicked Whims Mod Mac Download

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Oct 10, 2019 - WickedWhims - sex and nudity mod for The Sims 4 created by TURBODRIVER.

WickedWhims may contain content you must be 18+ to view.

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Supported Game Versions:
1.60.54, 1.61.15, 1.62.67, 1.63.136, 1.64.84

Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!

- Changelog -


  • Fixed persistence of some Sim-specific auto-use settings
  • Fixed detection of the Legacy Edition


  • Fixed Sims menstrual bleeding when at work/school
  • Fixed Fertility Test not working for some users


  • Verified compatibility with the Eco Living Expansion Pack
  • The 'WW_Installed_Animations.txt' file will not longer be created automatically
  • Added the 'ww.dump_installed_animations' command to create the 'WW_Installed_Animations.txt' file


  • Compatibility with the 1.63.133 game patch
    • This compatibility update will work with the Eco Living expansion pack, but another update might be necessary to adjust things for the newly introduced content.


  • Fixed using Tampons/Pads not working for some users
  • Fixed taking the Fertility Test not working for some users
  • Fixed an issue with auto use of tampons/pads causing an error
  • Fixed the 'Condom Automatic Use' setting not working


  • Made the 'Relationship is too weak' sex refusal message not show up when unnecessary
  • Slightly adjusted strength of drugs affecting miscarriage
  • Exhibitionist Sims should now be able to autonomously sleep naked at all residential lots
  • Fixed Attractiveness and Impressions not properly affecting Sims social interactions


  • Fixed Sims autonomously taking the fertility test on toilet stalls
  • Fixed sweat layers rendering under Sims makeup and skin detail


  • Fixed Sims not using a pad/tampon even when toilets are present on the lot
  • Sims fully on birth control now suppress menstrual bleeding


  • Introduced sorting of sex animations
  • Added 'Animations Sorting Button Position' setting
Sorting is now available during live sex, for managing playlists, and for the Animations Disabler. The sorting button is visible on top of every animations list by default and your selected sorting type is saved separately for each of these lists.
You can adjust where the sorting button shows up with the 'Animations Sorting Button Position' setting in 'Sex Interaction' settings.

  • Open Murphy Beds are now recognized as regular double beds
  • The 'Always Accept' setting set to Half will now work with Instant Teleport

Sex Servo [Discover University]

  • Servo Sims are now available for sex interactions
  • Added a default Servo Penis for Male Servo made by MiniGiles
You can find more of MiniGiles content here: Patreon, LoversLab
The penis itself still needs some adjusting before it's fully ready, but you can already give it a ride.

Sex Technical

  • Objects used for sex now use a new soft resetting function
New soft resetting of objects has been introduced to handle Murphy Beds dynamically changing state. It can clear the object from any unnecessary information when used for sex but keep its form.
  • Fixed Sims getting stuck when no random sex animation is found

Menstrual Cycle

  • Added 'Check Period Tracker' interaction to Sim phone
With a simple app, Sims can now check their current menstrual cycle information, which includes their PMS, Period, and fertility data.
  • Added 'Wicked Chill Pills' to help suppress menstrual mood swings
Wicked Chill Pills will suppress mood swings during Sim PMS/Period for 24 hours. They do not help with menstrual bleeding and do not affect fertility in any way. You can purchase them via computer or via Build/Buy.
  • Sim blood flow strength no longer affects how long tampons or pads last
Because there's no way to know about or control blood flow strength in-game, it directly affecting the decay of tampons/pads is more confusing than improving things.
Nonetheless, how often pads/tampons leak is still affected by the strength of the blood flow, as the chance of it occurring is time-based. This is something that can be predicted and prevented.
Wicked Whims Mod Mac Download

  • Tampon and Pad Auto Use now requires Sim autonomy to be enabled
  • Tampon and Pad Auto Use Mode is now set per-Sim rather than globally
This allows you to adjust the auto usage of tampons and pads to fit specific Sim lifestyle instead of forcing all Sims to obey global rules set in the settings.
  • Tampon and Pad moodlets now display how long they will last
The duration is dependent on the selected 'Auto Use Mode' and the 'Extra Absorbency' trait. It's an indicator of how long until it has to be replaced. Sims using the Cautious Auto Use Mode will have a shorter moodlet, while Sims using the Realistic Auto Use Mode will have a longer moodlet. This reflects the risk and rewards aspect of tampons and pads, as risking keeping it longer will mean fewer tampons/pads are used, but they might leak from keeping them on so long.

  • Using a Pad or Tampon is now done with a toilet, toilet stall, or public bathroom
  • Added 'Use Toilet to Change Pad/Tampon' Advanced Setting to control the requirement of using a toilet to use a pad or a tampon
Changing a pad or tampon from Sim inventory will now direct them to a nearby toilet unless directly using a toilet. This behavior is optional and can be disabled in settings.

  • Taking birth control pills no longer affects menstrual bleeding
  • Hygiene increasing interactions now suppress menstrual bleeding for 1 in-game hour
  • Bleeding without a tampon or pad takes 1 in-game hour before it stains Sim clothes

  • Undressing Sim bottom doesn't remove Sim pad anymore by default
  • Added 'Remove Pad on Undressing' Advanced Setting to control pad removal from undressing Sim bottom

  • Every Sim now has individual menstrual cycle timing
It's less likely multiple Sims in the same household will have their menstrual cycle synchronized.
  • PMS occurrence is now dependent on the Menstrual Cycle duration setting

  • Added 'Period Effect Moodlets' Advanced Setting to disable period moodlets
  • Added 'Period Bleeding' Advanced Setting to disable bleeding moodlets
If you're looking to just have mood swings and no bleeding, or bleeding but no mood swings, or none and just have the menstrual cycle fertility system, you can use these settings to do so.

  • Reworked and Optimized the Menstrual Cycle feature

Birth Control

  • Condoms Box now comes with 21 multi-colored condoms for the cost of 85 Simoleons
  • Condoms are now contributed by all Sims in the sex interaction

  • Sims now take off condoms during sex that cannot cause pregnancy by default
  • Added 'Condom Auto Remove for Non-Pregnancy Sex' setting to disable auto removal of condoms during non-pregnancy sex

  • Replaced the 'Birth Control Automatic Use' setting with 'Condom Automatic Use' and 'Pills Automatic Use' settings to control automatic use of birth control

  • Birth Control Pills are now always in effect when the moodlet is present
Once a Birth Control Pill is used, it will be in effect as long as the 'On Birth Control Pill' moodlet is visible. Its strength depends on the amount of time that is left before the moodlet expires.
This should help avoid confusion where a Sim would fail to conceive even after birth control is seemingly not in effect anymore, while it still was decreasing in strength.
  • NPC Sims no longer need birth control pills in their inventory to use them


  • Sims can now try conceiving a baby multiple times a day

Wicked Whim Download

A roll for a successful impregnation can now happen once every third of a day.
  • Fertility Awareness Test is now available on toilet stalls
  • Taking a Fertility Awareness Test relieves Sim bladder
  • Removed the 'Infertile' reward trait
The existence of the Infertile trait is totally redundant as simply switching Sim pregnancy setting in CAS is enough to have the exact same effect.
  • Miscarriage potential decays faster
  • Rebalanced miscarriage occurrence chances
  • Unborn offspring is now added to the family tree
  • Added 'Miscarriage Add Offspring' setting to control if unborn offspring are added to the family tree
If you're not aware, cross-compatibility between WickedWhims and Basemental Drugs adds a potential of the miscarriage when abusing drugs.


  • Autonomy 'Naked Sleep' and 'Naked Workout' are now allowed on any home location for Exhibitionist Sims


  • Fixed the 'ww.preference_random' command not working with Attractiveness enabled
  • Fixed persistence of update handlers on saving

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