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Wildfly 10 Download For Mac

  1. Wildfly 10 Download For Mac Windows 10
  2. Wildfly 10 Download For Macbook Pro
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Important Notice from FlightGear developers

This is a download page for FlightGear Mac OS X, a free / open-source flight simulator.

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We have heard that there are some paid products that use FlightGear, and their web site or a starting box seems leading you to this site for either downloading the binary or support. It's totally up to you for paying some amount of money for software and scenery that you can get for free. However, we have never received any donation or single penny on your payment for such paid product. Therefore we have no responsibility for providing any support for such products.

Generally speaking, it is better to get FlightGear for free and buy a good flight stick and/or a pedal. Needless to say, donation to FlightGear is very welcome :-) If you already paid for such product and feel very disappointed by knowing FlightGear is available for free, we recommend you ask the seller (not us) for refund. See the official statement for more detail on this issue.

Latest-release (2.6.0 - Feb-18-2012)

  • FlightGear-2.6.0 - runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later - Intel Only.


If you have any problem in downloading FlightGear, try downloading it from the following site:

  • Sourceforge FlightGear Mac OS X download page.

Clicking FlightGear-2.6.0-r319.dmg will start downloading it.

Development snapshot (Latest snapshot pulled from git) - - Jun-02-2011


This release is a snapshot of the latest FlightGear source (git version), and it might have some major bugs. Thus, this release is NOT totally recommended for novice users. NEVER send me complaints on this release. However, constructive feedbacks and bug reports from developers and advanced users are very welcome. Consult ReadMe file included in the dmg package for known issues.

Source Package

  • FlightGear-git - XcodeProjects - for advanced developers only

Keyboard configuration file (for v1.0)

Wildfly 10 Download For Mac Windows 10

I've heard that some Macs cannot handle throttle keys or some others properly. Thanks to Aj MacLeod, we can use the fixed keyboard.xml, which might enable some Mac to properly handle throttles, etc.See the link below to download the revised keyboard.xml file at the 'Attached files' section. Read the explanation at the tracker info for installation instruction.

Wildfly 10 Download For Mac

Older versions

2.4.0 - Aug-17-2011

  • FlightGear-2.4.0 - runs on Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, and 10.5, intel and ppc

fgcom fix for Mac OS X 10.5 users

fgcom in 2.4.0 release package does not work on OS X 10.5 since a part of it is built for OS X 10.6 or later.This causes the simulator running on OS X 1.5 unexpected exit when fgcom is enabled.To fix this, you can download and install this fgcom.Installation procedure is 1) Select advanced features >> Others >> Install Add Ons, 2) Select the downloaded fgcom.

2.0.0 - Mar-18-2010

  • FlightGear-2.0.0-r288-LionOnly.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.7. If you have Mac OS 10.6 or earlier, install the package below.
  • FlightGear-2.0.0-r284.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.4 or later (works on 10.6 as well)

1.9.1-r232 - Sep-06-2009

  • FlightGear-1.9.1-r232.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.4 or later (works on 10.6 as well)

1.9.0 - Dec-22-2008

1.0.0 - Jan-16-2008

0.9.10 - Dec-15-2006

Older updaters


  • FlightGear-1.0.0-r154-launcher.dmg - Mac OS 10.4/10.5; PPC/Intel


  • FlightGear-0.9.10-r114-launcher.dmg
    • This package upgrades the launcher part of FlightGear Mac OS X to the latest one.

You can also download Older versions from sourceforge download page. FYI, 0.9.8 runs on Mac OS 10.3.9.

WildFly is a powerful, modular, & lightweight application server that helps youbuild amazing applications.


Configuration in WildFly is centralized, simple and user-focused. The configuration file is organized by subsystems that you can easily comprehend and no internal server wiring is exposed. All management capabilities are exposed in a unified manner across many forms of access. These include a CLI, a web based administration console, a native Java API, an HTTP/JSON based REST API, and a JMX gateway. These options allow for custom automation using the tools and languages that best fit your needs.


WildFly does classloading right. It uses JBoss Modules to provide true application isolation, hiding server implementation classes from the application and only linking with JARs your application needs. Visibility rules have sensible defaults, yet can be customized. The dependency resolution algorithm means that classloading performance is not affected by the number of versions of libraries you have installed.


WildFly takes an aggressive approach to memory management. The base runtime services were developed to minimize heap allocation by using common cached indexed metadata over duplicate full parses, which reduces heap and object churn. The administration console is 100% stateless and purely client driven. It starts instantly and requires zero memory on the server. These optimizations combined enable WildFly to run with stock JVM settings and also on small devices while leaving more headroom for application data and supports higher scalability.

Standards Based

WildFly implements the latest in enterprise Java standards from Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile. These improve developer productivity by providing rich enterprise capabilities in easy to consume frameworks that eliminate boilerplate and reduce technical burden. This allows your team to focus on the core business needs of your application. By building your application on standards you retain the flexibility to migrate between various vendor solutions.

By Brian Stansberry September 30, 2020

In Java 15 *biased locking* has been deprecated as per JEP 374. This means the default setting has been switched from enabled to disabled and the plan is to remove support for it from the Java Virtual Machine in a pending release. We need your help seeing if this affects WildFly performance in your application.

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By Jan Martiska August 13, 2020

I am pleased to announce the 1.0.0.Beta1 release of the MicroProfile GraphQL feature pack for WildFly. It offers experimental support for the MicroProfile GraphQL 1.0 specification, implemented by SmallRye GraphQL. MicroProfile GraphQL - link to the specification. SmallRye GraphQL - link to the underlying implementation. The source code for the feature pack can be found on GitHub. Installing the feature pack For now, the GraphQL support is distributed as a feature pack rather than integrated...

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By Brian Stansberry July 07, 2020

WildFly 20.0.1.Final is now available for download.It’s been about a month since the WildFly 20 release, so it’s time for a small bug fix update, WildFly 20.0.1.The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 20.0.1 is available here. Issues resolved in the WildFly Core 12.0.2 and 12.0.3 releases included with WildFly 20.0.1 are available here and here.Onward to WildFly 21!Enjoy.

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By Brian Stansberry June 23, 2020

Congratulations to the Jakarta EE community for the recent great progress on Jakarta EE 9! The Jakarta EE community has been making great strides in its work on Jakarta EE 9, and given today’s Jakarta EE 9 milestone release I wanted to give the WildFly community an update on what’s been going on regarding EE 9 in WildFly and a heads up on what I expect will be happening over the summer and the rest...

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Wildfly 10 Download For Macbook Pro

By Kabir Khan June 18, 2020

I am pleased to announce the 1.0.0.Beta1 release of the MicroProfile Reactive specifications feature pack for WildFly. It offers experimental support for the following MicroProfile specifications, which all focus on the reactive area: MicroProfile Reactive Messaging 1.0 - this is a framework for building event-driven, data streaming and event sourcing applications using CDI. The streams, or channels, can be backed by a variety of messaging technologies. We currently ship connectors for: Apache Kafka, AMQP and...

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By Jean-François Denise June 18, 2020

Introduction Now that WildFly supports Eclipse Microprofile this seems the appropriate time to introduce a way to package a WildFly application as a bootable JAR (also known as a 'fat JAR'). Bootable JAR packaging is well suited for microservices to be run on cloud and bare metal. A bootable JAR allows us to package both the container and the application in a single JAR file and execute it with a simple command such as java...

Wildfly 11 Download

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By Jean-François Denise June 12, 2020

WildFly 20 S2I Docker images The WildFly S2I (Source-to-Image) builder and runtime Docker images for WildFly 20 have been released on Changes since the last release: Upgraded Keycloak client adapters to version 10.0.2. Reduced the size of the image generated during s2i chained build template (image named <app>-build-artifacts). For a complete documentation on how to use these images using S2I, OpenShift and Docker, refer to the WildFly S2I README. Adding the imagestreams and template...

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By Brian Stansberry June 08, 2020

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 20 Final zip is now available for download. After the big push on Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 for WildFly 19, the focus for WildFly 20 was more on bug fixing and component updates. Between WildFly Core and full WildFly we resolved well over 100 bugs and did over 90 component upgrades, most of which also brought bug fixes. These are challenging times for all of us, with a lot...

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